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  1. karsnoordhuis

    What size is this light bulb?

    they look like GU10 bulbs yea. GU4 bulbs have thinner 'legs'
  2. karsnoordhuis

    Building some office PCs

    Damn, those pcs are gonna be ripping trough spreadsheets! I hope you will be doing a local windows install and not one of those enterprise, login on every pc windows installs. They tend to be very slow. I have to agree with cereal5, have a look if the psus are not crappy/old and you should have some very fast office pcs
  3. It is indeed not on asus's qvl nor is it on gskill's qvl. It could still work tho, im running unsupported ram aswell although its a bit finnicky regarding positions in the slots. I suppose the only way to find out is try it
  4. karsnoordhuis

    8700K vs 9700K

    Even with the 9700k it is worth it. That solder isnt the best
  5. karsnoordhuis

    Gaming session ?

    Windows 10 has a build in game mode that does that but if it doest work: Either make batch files that shut down and start up all your software. Or use 2 accounts.
  6. karsnoordhuis

    Good Build?

    The op says his friend has a freesync monitor so thats why vega i think
  7. karsnoordhuis

    $200 usd pc upgrade!

    Get a new psu, if never heard of kentek. They are usually fine under light load but not that great under heavy load. A bad psu does not have to go boom but can also produce a lot of ripple wich is bad for your other components
  8. karsnoordhuis

    IPS or LED (Xbox One S ...) ?

    a ips panel is also a led panel, it refers to the backlight. its oled that can have burn in issues if you are not careful. get ips if you can, the other option is tn wich has worse colours but is slightly faster
  9. karsnoordhuis

    help with firefox

    its not only firefox that does this, chrome does it too. some new feature for websites i find annoying
  10. karsnoordhuis

    should I buy the 1070 ti or 2070?

    You could also try to find a 1080 for a little more than a 1070ti
  11. karsnoordhuis

    Water Block Support

    Does not seem like a reference design card. Most blocks are made for reference design cards as making a block for every custom card design is not economically viable. Some manufacturers partner up with waterblock makers for custom blocks but you need to buy it as a unit usually like the gigabyte waterforce range of cards
  12. karsnoordhuis

    Slimline USB 3 mobo header extension cable (UK)

    this is what i found
  13. karsnoordhuis

    E6 problem (Dr Cmos)?

    Probably code Eb. Try updating your bios as your cpu might be too new and not supported in your current bios
  14. karsnoordhuis

    New Build for a Game Server

    Thats why i said if you really think you need it
  15. I dont know about the domain but these guys offer simple hosting for about $1/month
  16. karsnoordhuis

    New Build for a Game Server

    The r 1700 is indeed a nice option. Also supports ecc memory if you think you need that
  17. karsnoordhuis

    Low FPS after overclocking GTX 1080 Ti

    Keep an eye out for the frequency. Does it stay sub ghz or go above that
  18. karsnoordhuis

    I need a small powersupply

    Ah, odd size powersupplies. Lovely... You are looking for flex atx powersupplies. Should be the same size ad have the same hole layout
  19. Does anyone know of a compact gpu stesstest? Its a bit chilly at the bus stop...

  20. Created by or made by. Powered by is more for cms systems and the like
  21. Bottom of the footer. The ltt site sais powered by invision community. I stick my name somewere around there
  22. karsnoordhuis


    Yea no. Connectors are the same but the wires are shielded better with cat 6. This allows you to get higher speeds. Something to do with capacitance between the twisted pairs of wires.
  23. If you dont store user data in any way (not even cookies) i would not bother with the privacy and disclamer. Do display any credit stuff for code you used from others and ofcourse credit yourself id say
  24. karsnoordhuis


    Unless you want to go 10gbit, i believe not.
  25. karsnoordhuis

    Help with starting RAID 0

    i dont see why you want to reinstall windows. you can set raid 0 up in your bios if your mobo supports it, this is the most effective way i believe