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  1. yes it is in the top slot, also this issue is just in gta v, no other game.
  2. I have a gtx 1660 super, and a i7-3770, 16gb of 1333mhz ram. my cpu and gpu are at only 50 percent usage most of the time and i get way lower fps. pls help, this only happens in gta V, every other game is fine. thanks
  3. what should be the highest temp i can reach and be fine?
  4. I have a gtx 970 zotac blower edition. the temps go up to 83 when playing gta 5 on highest settings 99 load. the fans only spin at 50 at that temp also the heatsing is very small and i did change the paste so i wanted to ask if this is normal
  5. pniok

    gpu fan

    thank you i was looking for a replacement but couldn't find one
  6. pniok

    gpu fan

    i have a gtx 970 blower zotac and the fan is very noisy is there anywhere i could get a replacement?
  7. pniok


    I am looking for a new psu thats good for these specs: i5 3740 16gb ddr3 ram 512 ssd 2 x 500gb hdd dq77mk motherboard gtx 970 blower zotac
  8. pniok

    pc shutdown

    MWE 550 white bronze -V2?
  9. pniok

    pc shutdown

    I would want something with a higher wattage atleast 550w for the future.
  10. pniok

    pc shutdown

    where ever i search the cx550 or MWE 550 are out of stock everywhere.
  11. pniok

    pc shutdown

    is a MWE 550 WHITE - V2 good?
  12. pniok

    pc shutdown

    what power supply would you recommend?
  13. pniok

    pc shutdown

    on psu calculator it says my system take 436 w when my psu is 500w. the fan also makes a weird vibration noise is that normal
  14. i just got a used gtx 970 i installed it, the pc worked fine and goes into windows but the graphics card is extremely loud and the fan makes a weird noise and when i get into games the pc restarts after a few minutes. i checked the temps and they are not hot enough for the pc to restart so idk why is it restarting. the exact gpu is the gtx 970 zotac blower edition rest of my pc : i5 3740 16gb ddr3 ram 512 ssd 2 x 500gb hdd dq77mk motherboard 500w novatech Power Station. i tried cleaning it an replacing thermal paste didn't work.
  15. the cpu cable is actually pretty lose and it is not pulled to hard. and i checked and everything is plugged in correctly.