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  1. Ello! this is a question to those who are familiar with the game as i just got it. Its giving me the error "2#: your connection to Master-Server was temporarily lost. Check your internet connection." i tried turning my firewall off and whatnot, is it some game thing or.....
  2. Uh, Thrust master is a major brand name. Its well known. Its like the samsung of flight sticks, car wheels etc.... Ive bought some of their stuff before. They set the industry standard. Im surprised you haven't heard of them. Yes the one you mentioned is an option, but im willing to pay a bit more cause i really dont like the cheap plastic. That being said its still an option. Ill skip the no name one. Either the Logitech or Thrust master at this point. Actually scratch that. The logitech is better value.
  3. Ive found this one: https://www.amazon.ca/Joystick-YF2009-Controller-Vibration-Feedback/dp/B071YH3J8N/ref=sr_1_19?keywords=flight+stick&qid=1573250932&sr=8-19 Or this one: https://www.amazon.ca/Thrustmaster-T16000M-FCS-Flight-Stick/dp/B01MQEDEEW/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=flight+stick&qid=1573250932&sr=8-3 Thoughts?
  4. Right so im thinking of going more into flight sims, particularly interested in getting IL2 Battle of Stalingrad. It looks like ill need a flight stick and throttle stick. Maybe even pedals for rudder control? i dont know about that last one. suffice to say a flight stick and throttle stick is definitely gonna be needed. Just lookin for something good value and on the cheap side. Some suggestions?
  5. yeah, youre really not missing anything by switching to mac, theres a reason theyre not particularly prominent among the PC market... I know you want a mac but better off just making your own machine honestly just cause of the crazy pricing. Apple: slowly losing the market since Jobs died. for 4K videos i think you can get by with 16GB, but 32GB would be recommended.
  6. windows is fine. Dont worry about bloatware too much either. One thing to keep in mind is that you may hear more Windows horror stories cause there is WAY WAY WAY more Windows machines than Macs. Like way more. You wont have any buyers remorse as all the devices you mentioned are top notch. They either compete with Apple or are even better. PS. I recommend getting something with 16GB of ram. Chrome in particular is known as the "Ram Eater". Youll see that 8GB go real quick past 25 tabs. That being said you dont really have to. Ill explain below. Once you hit 25 chrome tabs (ish), it will slow down and when you get to 40, chrome will crash. Just worth mentioning. You can always just upgrade the ram yourself. Its the easiest part of a computer to upgrade. Just google it. You can see it for yourself if you track your ram usage as you use chrome. Now that being said, if you havent hit the 8GB max ram usage yet, then its not something youll have to worry about. I mean who uses and hits 40 chrome tabs all doing something at once? At least worth mentioning..... You dont seem to have any issues with 8GB by the sound of it. So youll probably be ok anyways. 16GB is merely a recommendation, NOT a necessity.
  7. https://www.lenovo.com/ca/en/laptops/legion-laptops/legion-y-series/Lenovo-Legion-Y540-15/p/88GMY501214 Here is the Lenovo Y540. It has a: GTX 1660 TI (so its more like a GTX 1070) 16gb Ram 144Hz display 1TB SSD i7-9750H 6 core Now at the moment, its original price was $2100 CAD but its $700 CAD off down to $1400 CAD, Its an absolute steal! so id buy it asap. @Kshitij Segal
  8. Alrighty. Yes, Asus does not have the best quality control. Some stuff gets past them. It even happened to me. I bought a Asus Zephyrus G and it wouldnt except my ram upgrade. Also windows went ape shit and froze my laptop for hours. I returned it and got a new one. Since then its been working fine at least for the last few months. Asus laptops can last you a long time. Its the first few days you have to keep an eye on it. I know you commented on another post on the guys FX505DT. Thats the kinda stuff you have to keep an eye out for when you first get it. But if it checks out, or if it doesnt and you just return and get another one and if that checks out, yes your laptop can last for some years. It can last, you just have to watch it the first few days or bit to make sure it checks out.
  9. im assuming 800US. Maybe something like this? https://www.amazon.com/ASUS-ROG-G531GT-i7-9750H-1650-8GB/dp/B07RKSNCT6/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=gtx+1650+laptop&qid=1572491714&sr=8-4 Id upgrade the ram to 16gb too.
  10. Your idle temps should be mid 40s or lower. As for the 80-90c you mentioned, it can depend on what kind of game your playing and how heavy it is. Also yes, cooling pad thing.
  11. Good luck. Razer has some poor reliability. Hopefully yours will hit a few years before it bonks out. Beautifully cool lookin machines. If only they could last.
  12. 1. That depends, what games are you playing? come on dont be shy, spit it out. I wont judge you if you play Fallout 76 or Battlefront 2 you filthy peasant. 2. no idea.
  13. Okay. Its important to note that the dual screen laptop is primary an editors dream rather than a daily machine. Keep in mind this is a review for the top of the spec RTX 2060 uber expensive one, but you'll see the use case and who its primarily aiming towards. You might be able to edit some 1080P videos with these specs if youre into editing. Now that being said, the pricing seems pretty good for such a machine. So long as you just plan to use it as more of a normal laptop and whatnot. so no heavy duty gaming and stuff cause of the specs. And youll have a device that will turn some heads. So if you understand who this laptop is targeting, and your ok with the price, you may have a gem in your hands. You might be able to play a game or two like E-Sports titles with the MX 250 like Rocket League, Overwatch at low settings, CSGO etc... nothing beyond that. I took a look at other higher end laptops in Amazon.in and it seems to be priced similarly. So value wise it seems solid. Just one thing though. If you do choose to get it, Asus doesnt have the best quality control. Sometimes laptops with faulty components get shipped. It even happened to me. I got a Zephyrus G and there was a hardware problem as i tried to install extra ram. Windows was also going crazy and freezing my laptop. I returned it and got a new one which has been working wonderfully. Thats not to say theyre not reliable, they can last years, its just that you should make sure if you do get it make sure everything works out of the box. Otherwise your fine. Also, if you plan to edit videos, render and model stuff, get the i7 and 16gb ram version. If you dont do that and just wanna use it as more of a normal laptop, get the i5 with the 8gb ram.
  14. lol. Yeah good pick. go nuts. 1660TI is a solid GPU too.
  15. Not sure what else to say. Prestige seems like the best candidate though.