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  1. Definitely true, I do enjoy using mac in terms of portable use especially with my work. Will be building a new desktop in the next year.
  2. update on this post I made, had some buyer's remorse on the razer stealth as it had cpu bottle necking where it only max ran at 3.2ghz instead of the 3.9ghz. Also, having it slow down a lot when multitasking. Instead ordered the new macbook pro 16 and returning the stealth.
  3. Hopefully! It seems good though, trying to figure out the works of it, but definitely not used to the touchpad on it. It feels a bit awkward when using it while typing like it's placed more towards one side. The screen is very nice though. Will have to test out some games with the new gtx1650 inside.
  4. My stealth has arrived, will be interesting to see how the gtx 1650 max q is on the 13 inch!
  5. Wondering if anyone else ordered the late 2019 Razer Stealth. It seems compared to the actual release date, it has been delayed (Temporarily Out of stock). Any opinions of the new Stealth?