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  1. Hi. I nabbed a Zephyus Ga502 a bit back. Very recently I noticed a weird buzzing noise on the left fan. It's noticeably noisier, particularly on low RPMs. The right one is fine. I cleaned out the the laptop with an air can thinking dust might be it, but that didnt do it. Could it be coil whine? If so, will there be any problems? just askin for your thoughts on what else it could be. Thanks
  2. Hi. so Im looking for an easy classic cruiser as a first motorcycle. What are you thoughts on a Honda Shadow Phantom. https://www.autotrader.ca/a/honda/shadow 750/fort mcmurray/alberta/19_11574940_?ms=motorcycles_atvs&showcpo=ShowCpo&ncse=no&orup=5_5_5&sprx=-2 Just asking for thoughts and opinions on the motorcycle itself. Thanks!
  3. For those who are experienced: looking for first motorcycle that ill be keeping for many many years and kilometres. under 5k(canadian). is a Honda 750 shadow ideal? https://www.autotrader.ca/a/honda/shadow aero/edmonton/alberta/19_11549960_?ms=motorcycles_atvs&showcpo=ShowCpo&ncse=no&orup=13_15_31&pc=T6H 1M7&sprx=100 Just asking for opinions and thoughts.
  4. Hi, quick question. Is there some website or wherever that i can get to get windows keys for cheap? Updating my storage and my PC and I need to upgrade from windows 8 to 10 so if there's somewhere where i can get the key for windows 10 for a fair price that be great. Thanks.
  5. Okay, from what others have told me the C&C soundtrack is copyrighted, but the Twisted Insurrection soundtrack (Twisted Insurrection is a user made mod with its own original music) is also copyrighted, so i will have to remix it and credit it. Also the copyright for C&C will end recently. But i geuss remixing them and crediting both will be the solution.
  6. Hi! So, im currently trying to learn the ins and outs of Unity. My purpose is to make a game. I've got a good idea of what the game is going to be, and will take many months to actually work on and finish. I was thinking of going through the trouble and putting it up on Steam if it meets my expectations, which it should. Obviously it'll be for free. My question is this: im using several soundtracks from the old Command and Conquer series, will my upload to Steam be rejected since im using music that's not technically created by me? My i
  7. yeh, those dont look bad at all but im looking for something more on the slimmer side as stated above. just cause im gonna be goin outside with em alot and having them be on the larger side isnt ideal. Edit: found something solid. thanks anyways.
  8. hello there Looking for Bluetooth headphones about $90-$150 Canadian. Basically flexible on price. Something preferably on the slimmer side like the Sony WH-XB700 is what im looking at right now so far. Also it would be nice if it lasted more than 6 months before falling into pieces like everything else ive owned. Im looking at you Monster. recommendations? thanks
  9. Hi. Quick question. i know the odds of this existing is nonexistent but worth a try. any chance theres a 1440p or more monitor thats under 23''. Just asking cause im planning to move the PC up next to the big TV, but trying to get a smaller monitor than the HP 23er monitor cause ill be having it set up next to a couch, i.e the monitor will be within pereferal vision of those watching the TV. suffice to say basically a smaller monitor so that when im using it, the TV watchers wont be too annoyed. Again, very niche thing and i suspect a monitor
  10. Yes, that can be an option for it. Another thing you can consider is getting a tablet with a keyboard and pen. You can write notes, type in google docs, etc.... Do whatever needs to be done. Might be easier on you to manage a tablet rather than another computer. Samsung has a number of tablets. Look one up and find a case with a keyboard and a pen. maybe a Samsung Tab A. might be cheaper too when you put it all together. Heck, maybe even a bluetooth mouse? https://www.amazon.ca/SM-T510NZKAXAR/dp/B07Q5VM8ZD/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=samsung+tab+A&qid=1580404346&am
  11. im not gonna read all that... Can apple be annoying? Yes. Is their products really overpriced. Purposely expensive to repair? Absolutely, they want to run you dry. Is their products simple, consistent and more bug free than their android counter part? Yes. Does it give you the freedom to download and do whatever you want to do with your device? no. They both have ups and downs. I don't like apple very much purely because of the costs. That may be because i'm a poor student and cant justify spending over half a grand for a phone. I also pirate ALOT of
  12. no, You need a Thunderbolt Type-C connector in order to have an eGPU setup. Even then your processor isnt all that powerful to begin with. That being said the CPU does have Vega 8 graphics which is better than their Intel counterpart so you can play some light E-sports games like rocket league and Fortnight on low graphics already. But not much more beyond that.
  13. hmm, im not familiar with that brand. an i7 8750H though, with an rtx 2070.... that raises questions. I find it a tad sketchy. Yes i know theres no difference between a 8750 and a 9750 but its a bit strange to see a last gen processor strapped to a new gpu, and for that price. Im not familiar with the Zealander market, bear that in mind. Maybe take a peek at Lenovos offerings as theyre generally solid and the industry standard and overall great. You might get what you want for better quality and less cash. Just throwin it out there. The Y540s and Y740s, the
  14. Okay, in that case, maybe take a look at the Zephyrus G. However, If you can push your budget to the mag 15/vapour 15 (same laptop), it would be alot better. the mags battery life lasts along longer as the zeph g hits 5-6 hours with its 76WHR battery while the mag hits alot higher with its 94WHR battery. the color accuracy of the Zeph is also pretty bad so colors look more distorted and inaccurate because of the panel. Asus laptops are also less reliable generally. The mag also has a GTX 1660 TI rather than the weakened GTX 1660 TI Max-Q. Its
  15. well, strictly speaking, the L340 is probably better bang for buck. the i7 9750H is overkill with a GTX 1650 and kinda wasted. BUT.... The best thing i can say about the Y540 with these specs is the better cooling no doubt. Cooling is the biggest foe with gaming laptops and the L340 is a normal laptop that happens to have a GPU built in rather than a purpose built gaming laptop with proper cooling. In short, i can see the cooling kill the L340s performance. Y540 is preferred. Your not gonna be playing triple 'A' games anyways with these specs, no loss given
  16. yeah, The TUF one is garbage. Barely anything can be played. The nitro is a much better buy in every way. You wont be able to run big boi games like Red Dead 2 or Battlefield at high graphics, maybe low, and thats just barely. Its not meant for triple A games. But you can play pretty much anything else. Lets face it if you wanted to play triple A games at medium graphics or higher you should probably get a desktop anyways unless you have special circumstances and can spend $1400US or more on a laptop. Lets face it, most 'Triple A' games suck anyways. But yeah, you can play anythin
  17. Its the industry standard. Its a great laptop that a lot of people buy. Incredibly popular. Solid performer and thermals. By all means if you think the price is right, get it.
  18. I dont think there should be much difference between a 15' and a 17'. Also there isnt much in terms of performance difference between a 1660ti and 2060. At the moment ray tracing is kinda gimmicky, not really mainstream so your not loosing anything by not going with the 2060. That being said the true biggest difference between these two is the ram. 8GB is honestly a minimum, 16GB is what you should get. Now you can get an 8GB laptop and just buy some ram sticks for $60 and stick it in. ram is the easiest thing to upgrade in a laptop and computers in general. You literally remove t
  19. Look into the Lenovo Y540, It should be on sale or on a bigger sale by then. Hopefully you might get one well under your budget. Lenovo is big on sales, so well see. Look at the Mag-15. Thin, light, powerful, very very large and good 94WHR battery and many choices in terms of GPU so go nuts. keep an eye on it if it goes on sale. its powerful and extremely portable. in short: perfect. Dave2D did a video called "The impossible gaming machine" so google it. Look at the acer predator Triton 500. similar to Mag-15. Dave2D also did a review on it. These are per
  20. i dont know about the keyboard, but if i were you i might consider buying something else. Razer unfortunately doesn't have a good reputation when it comes to device reliability and longevity. Given the laptop pricing, and assuming your gonna be using it to game, maybe take a look at the MAG-15. It should tick all the boxes. Its actually better than the razer some ways such as battery. Razer laptops are also a bit overpriced. just my thoughts on the matter. Sorry i coundnt answer your question.
  21. yeah, you really cant play those games for that amount of money. Unless your willing to push to $800-1000 usd, id forget about getting a gaming laptop all together.
  22. the value on Macbooks is pretty bad. Like in terms of what your getting for that price. You can get alot more for the same amount of money. Hell, the MSI Prestige 15 is killing it right now and its half the price. Thats kinda what i meant. With that being said, the new Macbook compared to the old ones is a pretty nice upgrade, so if you really wanted to by a Macbook, this one wouldve been it. At the very least, itll last you a long while. You should probably build a desktop by the sound of it if youre running hardware intensive stuff like video games or h