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    Wellingtonzed reacted to atxcyclist in First motorcycle   
    A Honda Shadow will be nearly bombproof, they're pretty much the quintessential Japanese cruiser. Though I will say, carburetors need a little more attention for the winter storage I imagine you'll be doing in Canada. Just don't store the bike for months at a time with a full float bowl unless you've put some Sta-Bil or other fuel stabilizer in your last tank before you put it away for the season. Fuel-injected engines are a bit less susceptible to this, but it can still cause injector clogging.
    I really don't know the market up there, but Honda and Yamaha cruisers are good bets, Older Yamaha cruisers might go by V-Star up there like they were here for a while. I started on a small-displacement Yamaha cruiser, I'm on a modern Honda 500cc naked bike now, it's been excellent. I commute on it year-round.
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    Wellingtonzed reacted to minibois in Steam games   
    That is not how copyright works. 
    Check if the music is in public domain, or has a certain copyright (like Creative Commons) on it that allow you to use it in non-commercial projects. Probably not.
    if the C&C series copyright holder finds you're using those songs and the songs are copyrighted (in a way you can't use them for projects), they can definitely sue.
     You're not the the judge for that, neither is the C&C series owner. The judge will be, if they decide to sue you over it.
    Plus, one could definitely argue you do profit from it.
    Let's say 1000 people downloaded this game of yours. That is 1000 people that now know your name, game, etc. Those could be potential consumers of your next game, or could donate to you, etc.
    The C&C series owner could definitely argue they are partially responsible for your game's success; because let's be honest: music is an important piece of a game.
    Depending on how far they take it, they could sue for what they say their songs made you in money (indirectly).
    So without even talking on if this is against Steam's TOS, you should think about copyright ramifications, which could be much worse.
    Please do your research before using things you don't hold the copyright over.
  3. Informative
    Wellingtonzed reacted to genexis_x in RTX Laptop Recommendation   
    It's a Tongfang GK7-S which is excellent
    May I know your budget? Usage? Any preferences on weight and battery life? Any links of online stores?
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    Wellingtonzed got a reaction from Ben17 in Is this a good gaming laptop for the price?   
    yeah, The TUF one is garbage. Barely anything can be played. The nitro is a much better buy in every way. You wont be able to run big boi games like Red Dead 2 or Battlefield at high graphics, maybe low, and thats just barely. Its not meant for triple A games. But you can play pretty much anything else. Lets face it if you wanted to play triple A games at medium graphics or higher you should probably get a desktop anyways unless you have special circumstances and can spend $1400US or more on a laptop. Lets face it, most 'Triple A' games suck anyways. 
    But yeah, you can play anything else.  
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    Wellingtonzed got a reaction from Sharke in Helios 300 which one?   
    I dont think there should be much difference between a 15' and a 17'. Also there isnt much in terms of performance difference between a 1660ti and 2060. At the moment ray tracing is kinda gimmicky, not really mainstream so your not loosing anything by not going with the 2060. 
    That being said the true biggest difference between these two is the ram. 8GB is honestly a minimum, 16GB is what you should get. Now you can get an 8GB laptop and just buy some ram sticks for $60 and stick it in. ram is the easiest thing to upgrade in a laptop and computers in general. You literally remove the panel and stick it in a slot. Just make sure the ram you get is the same speed as the one you already have in. so the one you have in is lets say 2666Mhz (i dont know), then buy ones that are also 2666Mhz. Just mentioning it just in case you didn't know. 
    Maybe take a look at the lenovo Y540 too. They might have bigger sales by the time Black Friday hits. just worth mentioning. 
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    Wellingtonzed got a reaction from Yassassin in Gaming laptop for USD 1800   
    Look into the Lenovo Y540, It should be on sale or on a bigger sale by then. Hopefully you might get one well under your budget. Lenovo is big on sales, so well see. 
    Look at the Mag-15. Thin, light, powerful, very very large and good 94WHR battery and many choices in terms of GPU so go nuts. keep an eye on it if it goes on sale. its powerful and extremely portable. in short: perfect. Dave2D did a video called "The impossible gaming machine" so google it. 
    Look at the acer predator Triton 500. similar to Mag-15. Dave2D also did a review on it. 
    These are personally the laptops i would keep an eye out for as they very nice. Again, keep an eye on em on when the sales come around, if they are on sale by then that is. that being said the odds of the Y540 being on sale or on a more extreme discount is basically guaranteed. 
    When i say "on a more extreme discount", Lenovo likes to put their laptops on sale rather frequently so hundreds of dollars off. Its kinda weird as to how often they are on sale. so hopefully, by black Friday they will be on a larger discount then their normal "on sale" price.  
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    Wellingtonzed got a reaction from Super Spartan in Gaming Laptop Recommendations   
    The Asus isnt bad. 
    HID is a solid place to buy as they check every device works as intended and modify them with improvements. 
    There is also the Acer Triton 500 though.
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    Wellingtonzed got a reaction from genexis_x in ASUS laptop recommended by LTT has major design flaw   
    Really, everytime you buy a laptop your rolling the dice. 
    Yes, Asus does have some quality control issues. I bought a GA 502 too and the first one i got had a hardware issue as Ram wouldn't be recognized. 
    Once i got the second one, its been working fine. For some people itll suck, for me, i suspect this thing will keep going for some years. 
    Your rolling the dice, Asus just happens to have a higher chance of flunking out. 
    Try and update your bios, but otherwise you might have to return it again. 
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    Wellingtonzed got a reaction from Super Spartan in Laptop Choices   
    Since thats your price, id agree with ultra on the MSI Prestige 15. Also, dont buy the Alpha 15. that GPU isnt even released yet and you shoudnt reccommend a product with a brand new GPU thats not even out yet.
    Odds are itll be fine but still. That being said, the RX5500m on the Alpha might be more powerful than the GTX 1650 Max Q so ill leave it to as to whether you value the small performance increase of the Alpha in gaming and wanna wait for the reviews on it. that being said if your looking for mobile gaming machines you should go for the Zephyrus G anyhow. 
    Zephyrus Ga502 for $1000 (depending on where you look and sales, like at best buy its at $1000 sale alot) has a 1660TI max Q, 120Hz refresh, 16gb, 72whr battery netting you 6-7 hours of normal use and a 512 SSD with another m.2 slot free for expansion and another for expanding ram. Screen color accuracy aint great though. 
    Prestige is good bang for buck more focused on conventional use rather than gaming. Not a gaming machine but can run some older titles and newer and stuff at medium settings. Good screen, battery life is better too. just at the cost of GPU. 
    Ill leave it to you as to which youre lookin more for
    Jarrods tech just did a review on the Prestige 15 
    Linus already did a review on the Zephyrus G
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    Wellingtonzed got a reaction from Super Spartan in Laptop Choices   
    strongly reccomend not getting a razer. they have some reliability issues. trackpads dying, bios crashes, etc...
    Also id avoid hard drives if i were you, they can break easy and are generally slow and outdated theyre being phased out already
    Asus does have some options along the lines of Vivobooks and zenbooks. just make sure they work out of the box. Asus has some initial quality controls as things can get passed them. Not to say your device will break randomly just make sure when you first get it everything works out of the box and theres no issues. Otherwise your fine and it'll last you years to come
    Im just guessing here cause you didnt mention a budget and what currency. 
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    Wellingtonzed got a reaction from For Science! in Laptop recommendations requested   
    well, theres a couple of stuff
    You can start by taking a look at Asus Zenbooks. Theres alot of em and different versions at different prices so go nuts. Just make sure it works out of the box and theres nothing funny happening. Asus doesnt have the best quality control compared to other manufacturers but if it works then your fine. 
    There are also the Asus Vivobooks, again same story. 
    Microsoft does have stuff too. maybe surface laptop 2. Only downsides i consider is the lack of ports but otherwise a good office device and screen. 
    and as kelvin said, Lenovo does have a large lineup of X1 laptops and different versions. 
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    Wellingtonzed got a reaction from Mr.Muffins in Best 15" RTX 2060 Budget Laptop?   
    The zephyrus M is a good performance laptop with actual mobility. you can hit 5-6 hours of daily use with it unlike your typical gaming laptop which hits 3-4 ish. The reason for this is cause its a pure SSD build so it doesnt have to make room for a stupid hard drive so it gets a larger 76whr battery compared to the typical 54whr. so if you want firepower with actual mobility thats a good option (im a uni student so i bought a Zephyrus G, which is different in some specs but basicall has the same setup) . 
    The Acer Triton 500 is similiar to the zephyrus M. Again, relativly thin, 84whr battery again mobile killing machine. The triton id say has a bit more in performance because it seems to have better thermals but not a whole lot different. Triton seems to edge out the Zephyrus a bit. 
    The y540 is a simple standard reliable choice with good specs etc... not too familiar with the GS 65 stealth. 
    If i were you, id go for either the Zephyrus or Triton depending on the pricing and specs. I like having a laptop that has good performance AND is actually god damn portable like, oh i dont know A LAPTOP.  Both a solid choices so again check out videos and reviews for both along with pricing in your region. 
    what games will you be playing btw? 
  13. Informative
    Wellingtonzed got a reaction from p10twat in HELP! LAPTOP Config questions   
    without a doubt, youll need 16gb and an i7 for that kind of editing. 16gb should be the minimum, and 8gb will get you nowhere.  Ram is a bit more important than processor as you can kinda sorda get away with an i5, but both are valuable. Try your best to get a laptop with both. 
    Undervolting doesnt effect performance, rather it just helps with keeping tempertures lower.  
    I wouldn't recommend macbooks btw as theyr overpriced, have keyboard issues and can be very expensive to repair. zenbooks seem to be a good option. just make sure everything works when you get it and edit a quick video while watching the temps. Asus doesnt have the best reliability either. 
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    Wellingtonzed got a reaction from IAmAndre in Anything better at this price point?   
    looks decent honestly. 
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    Wellingtonzed got a reaction from Yellowpanda in RTX 2060 144hz laptop or GTX 1080 Ti 4K60 desktop?   
    The monitor, graphics card and large ram seem quite nice, but the laptop will probably suite all your needs while being portable. 
    I imagine the only thing you might wanna change in the future is a refresh on the battery. 
    Eventually when the device goes out in a few years like all things do, you can get something even nicer. 
    Laptops(Gaming laptops in particular) have come a long long way since a few years ago. 
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    Wellingtonzed got a reaction from panzersharkcat in Looking for Laptop (Around $1000)   
    If you want a more traditional reliable laptop go for Lenovo. If you want something more special and will get more use out of it go surface. Purely because of the fact that you can also use it as a tablet and it might be nice to use it to watch stuff too. Either way a 16gb machine is STRONGLY recommended as it will make the device run smoother when your really multitasking etc... 
    Just in case you dont know Installing RAM is the easiest and quickest thing to do with a laptop, 10-15min tops. Theres alot of videos on "how to install ram into a laptop" and whatnot. Oh make sure your device is actually upgradable if you need to do so. 
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    Wellingtonzed reacted to Tamesh16 in Zephyrus G 60hz mistake?   
    i have a 1070 with a nice 60 hz ips display, and my gpu should be about same as 1660 ti, and i will say unless you're playing light e sports titles, the 120 hertz just looks a bit nicer in some games 
    i usually play platformers, and games like far cry for the nice visuals, but not too fast paced where every frame counts and its not bad, 
    however for games like Apex or any fast paced game it does put you at a slight disadvantage, but not by an unplayable amount