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  1. Unfortunately seems so https://epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/journey/home http://thatgamecompany.com/journey/
  2. CyanideInsanity

    Gemini Man to be shown in 120 fps

    Neither did I. In fact I much prefer having 48/60hz video content.
  3. If I'm remembering right from a video I saw, you need JD software to use any electronic bits but they don't offer the software and will refuse to service it it its "outdated" yet still serviceable to anyone with the software.
  4. Something else add on to that is the steam forums are somewhere I often end up when using google to troubleshoot game issues and other things.
  5. CyanideInsanity

    Spotify banning ad blockers

    Seriously. I know ads on the whole are a shitfest but its like people forget, especially in the case of audio-visual media, that the hosts have to pay for licensing when applicable, hosting, and bandwidth.
  6. I'd gladly hand over 60 shekels for a copy on gog. Hell I'd even be fine with it on origin like other metro games. Fuck it, sell me a bluray and that'd still be better than from epic. Oh, reduxes are on gog as well didn't know that.
  7. All of your retorts to steams features are variations of 'who cares'. And considering they keep being brought up, clearly shows nobody cares... And yes it will force vavles hand. But there is more than one possible outcome.
  8. If only epic could've shown us why buying from them is better than from steam. Too bad at every turn they've made me not want to support them.
  9. I know cliffy b is no longer part of epic, and I wouldn't be surprised that it no longer is part of any of epic's higher ups opinion, but I find it a touch fitting, as the reason gears 2 never made it to pc is because cliffy b thought that anyone who can put a pc together knows how to download games and is a pirate.
  10. Yes demand. Can you not understand implied context?
  11. Because as you seem unwilling to understand consumers don't generally like it when deals are made at our expense. There is literally no benefit to buying from epic over steam other than the artificial delay on steam. In fact its stuff like this that generally makes people think "fuck me? Alright then fuck you too." Edit:Right a $10 discount here. Too bad they decided not to use that as leverage against steam...
  12. A free app that has significantly less features then another free app.
  13. So a current steam monopoly is bad, but a future epic or steam monopoly is good?
  14. Right, and when valve starts making deals? Unless epic changes course this will turn into whoever has the deepest pockets wins.
  15. Ok so valve takes 12% and thats its, while epic takes 12% and offers even more for exclusivity. Yeah sounds loads better.