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  1. Wasn't WW hd effectively some QoL and reshade? SSHD has 60fps, so I wouldn't say its the laziest. WW and TP both retained the 30fps of the originals.
  2. From cdpr/the witcher's reputation, it being based on the tabletop rpg cyberpunk 2020, and the collaboration between cdpr and Mike Pondsmith/R. Talsorian Games on both cp2077 and the newest edition of the trpg(cyberpunk red) that bridges the gap between 2020 and 2077.
  3. Sure, but when they want the game on their store until they find out the dev doesn't want it to be exclusive, it says a lot about epic. When it comes to competition epic is two-faced. Epic tried poaching darq, the dev declined as they had already announced steam release and a date, and then epic suddenly didn't want it anymore. Yay "competition"...
  4. Epic trying to become the monopoly is not competition. Something sweeney can't grasp is that taking a smaller cut makes sense if you don't offer many services. I use steam, gog, origin, uplay, itch.io, nutaku, dlsite, and on occasion even the windows store. Also do remember that epic DENIED an indie dev who wanted their game available on steam as well as epic after declining the exclusivity offer. Yeah epic really cares about competition.
  5. Its a port of a compilation title, of a series that people have been asking for over 10 years to come back to pc, which just so happens to have a new entry coming this year. This isn't halo CE anniversary coming to pc, its halo the master chief collection part 2 of 6.
  6. They do work, rocket league even has its own controller profile from the devs. The issue is its not a standard controller when people expect it to be. Its a tinkerer's device more than a generic plug and play type of device. I love mine and its been my standard controller since launch. From what I gather in a quick search it looks like rocket league had a beta implementation of the steam input api and it wasn't working correctly and the fix was to change input settings from steam input back to steam controller. I could be wrong but I've not touched the game in years.
  7. For the same reason someone would buy a 2080 ti over A 2060. There are pros and cons, with price being the most obvious one. I wanted better controllers than the wmr ones and the knuckles as they were called back then were what caught my interest, and coming from wmr there was no hardware that carried over. So I'd need the full oculus kit and steamvr base stations. I also wanted to ditch the wmr 1.0 insideout tracking and would rather use base stations for the immediate future.
  8. Fair enough but I didn't actually say they did. However not having an answer doesn't stop speculation, or people looking to prove their point.
  9. At the end of the day they've had months to clarify exactly what was meant, and exactly why pokemon were cut. They should know why people are upset by now, but we still have yet to receive a direct answer.
  10. Again you are missing the point. People don't think the old models look bad, in fact its the opposite. People were under the assumption that the 3ds models would be used in the switch games. The issue is that there had been talk that because of NEW models and animations OLD pokemon were cut, yet it seems old models are being used not the alleged new models. Most people who want to see all pokemon return wouldn't care that the old models are used because the use of old models isn't the issue, the issue is saying something while appearing to do the opposite.
  11. Sure, but my issue is with the way things are going I don't see future games being what I'd like to see. IMO its all downhill from here. And on the models, yeah I forgot about that, but its semantics to the point at hand. As I first said, allegedly there was talk of new models, and then animations quality being the reason for cutting pokemon, which is a very hard sell with whats been shown. Its the same as how bethesda's recent games have changed my opinion on their future titles. I don't feel TeS 6 will be a particularly great game, and not because of monetization. Starfield could
  12. They could add them in an update, but why do that when you could encourage people to by both? So far the only thing on that we have is basically "no comment". https://nintendoeverything.com/game-freak-says-no-decision-made-about-adding-pokemon-not-in-galar-pokedex-to-sword-shield-with-updates/ Perhaps its a bit dramatic, but the way I feel is about this is basically game freak can't compete with pokemon as mobile titles, and the mobile games will continue to bring in tons of money as mobile games do. And judging by how mario kart tour is, I don't think nintendo is averse to jumping
  13. There is more than just being able to use them. If diamond and pearl remakes are next, there's a good chance they won't be compatible at all, or just severely limited. This would be the first case of same generation games having huge discrepancies between them. Previously only new forms, moves, or items would restricted, but with like half the sinnoh-dex not existing they'll probably cut all connectivity outside of gts trading game applicable pokemon at best.