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  1. Yes I mean that if everything in my system went full load it would use 279W of power. It also did come back today but it’s vey faint. It is plugged into a power strip if that makes any difference. I am also about to replace that one so I can get a ups and power strip all in one.
  2. I unplugged it overnight and now it’s not making the noise is it fine? Also, my PSU at max can go under 279W of load and it’s a 650W 80+ Gold certified. So at max it goes under 50-60 load if everything gets maxed out
  3. Hello I recently did my first build and when I plug my PDU in it makes a weird noise that is commeing from the cable. I know it is not the fan because it makes it when I plug it in.I tried chsngeing the outlet when I flip the switch to off it comes back. Does anybody know what this is and is it normal? It is an EVGA 650 G3
  4. Sam.MP4

    UPS Rockford

    Hello I built my first computer on vacation. I three day shipped it and insured it it has been in Rockford for almost the entire day. Do you think it is lost, somebody didn’t scan it, or a plane hasn’t come to pick it up. Is there a way I can view planes going to Rockford? I am shipping it to Washington where is its next stop if you know? It was three day shipped and was scheduled to arrive tomoroww but now it says Thursday it said it was on time. Is it lost? Sam.
  5. So sorry to bother you again, I don’t know if it’s first time builder paranoia or what. The GPU I have is the EVGA GTX 1660 XC Ultra. Do you think that they would confiscate that or not the heatsink does not have very sharp edges but most TSA officers probably aren’t computer experts. Just a follow up question I plan to put the covers for the pins back on when I bring it back home do you think they will want to take it off and touch it? Do you think that it won’t do much because they wear latex gloves or will it still damage it? Again, sorry to bother you.
  6. I’m trying to avoid something happening to the gpu as much as possible so do you think putting it in checked luggage would be a good idea or do you think they would mistake it for a bomb?
  7. Alright thanks! So I should be all good now with the included screws right? Do they sell screws at stores like home depo, etc? so worst case I can go buy screws there.
  8. I geuss you are right. I am a first time builder and I’m pretty sure I’m getting first time builder paranoia
  9. Sorry for bothering you I don’t know what time zone you are in so if this is inconvenient I’m sorry. Other than static shocks, my GPU does not have a backplate. If they touch some of the stuff on the back will it cause artifacts or something else?
  10. According to this cotton does not give up electrons when rubbed/swabbed.Is there such thing as artificial cotton that can cause a static discharge? @GuruMeditationError
  11. Thank you! That was very helpful. Just one follow up question do you think they also labeled it wrong too? I don’t think M3 screw would go into the standoffs. Sorry to bother you.
  12. Well for an ATX motherboard you use 9 screws and then you would have three left and you need four I think for an SSD. Do you think it’s possible they just messed up the accessories? Sorry if my questions are kind of dumb I am a first time builder. I never realized that the screws for the motherboard say m3 screws. Do you think it’s possible they just messed up with the accessories list @TVwazhere I think they messed up because it says the tempered glass is held in with one screw but it Is held in with four
  13. Sam.MP4

    Screws for SSD

    A lot of reviews have not even mentioned the screws so do you think they just forgot or it’s actually not there?
  14. I am going to be building in the Thermaltake V200 TG RGB and I am going to have an ssd. According to the accessories list it does not have M3 screws. Does anybody know if they forgot to put them in or if it’s legitimately not there?
  15. Sam.MP4

    Screws for SSD

    Hello. With my new build I am going to be using an SSD and checked my case manual to find out the accessories and there are 3 ssd mounting points in the TT V200 TG RGB but according to the manual no screws. I saw 2 different types of screws listed. Here’s my question, are these screws for the SSD?