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  1. Well lucky for you the thread hasn’t closed so if you want you can still make more replies.
  2. I think the water would be better because there is less acids in it maybe? You know, there is also the fact that it is human urine.
  3. Well unless the manufacturer of the power supply is complete crap, then all that would happen would be that it would shut off the system for the power supply. If you push the GPU too hard then it will freeze for a bit while it resets the drivers. So I wouldn't think there would be anything to worry about.
  4. So today I heard about the new DirectX release and I was wondering if you could download it. So I went to the DX12 Ultimate page to check if my GPU is supported. (1660) So then I looked through the page to try and find a download button but I couldn't find it anywhere. Is it currently available for download or is it a release for devs right now/announcement? Thanks!
  5. Seeing as how you are a bit nervous about building it and the budget, I couldn’t defined tell you. Personally I would scrap it and get a new rig. By the time you would have to upgrade it would be replacing a lot of components. I don’t think the PSU would be able to handle a different CPU and GPU. I also don’t entirely know if you would be able to find an old graphics card. You could probably go for a 1050 based off your needs but that might be a bit much because you are only playing one game. What you could do is see if you could just upgrade the GPU to something like a GT 1030 and see if the
  6. Ya the RTX 2060 is not really fit for ray tracing unless it’s Minecraft really.
  7. Here is a good example of it. https://youtu.be/AdTxrggo8e8
  8. Performance wise, it will decrease it, but it will make everything look better. I am pretty sure the RTX has more cores so it would be better for streaming. Not entirely sure though.
  9. I would go with the 2060 if you are looking to stream as well with a bit of video editing. If you can only get a used 2060 just go for a 1070
  10. This is to anybody who has or has owned a Razer Mamba Elite. When I click on the back side button and let go of it when it’s pressed instead of keeping it on the button and letting go, it vibrates the mouse a bit. Does this happen to every mouse that has side buttons or is it just the Mamba Elite or my model in particular. The weird thing is that the forwards side button doesn’t do that. Another thing that happens, which I am pretty sure is for just the model in general, is that when I rest my finger on the back side button it makes a bit of a noise. Is all of this normal for mice in general,
  11. Thanks for trying to help! Looks like a majority of people didn’t have this. No one I’ve found had it so I bet mine was a lemon of the batch. Luckily, amazon let me ask for a replacement which will hopefully get here soon.
  12. If I were you I would just build an entirely new system. Its also probably not only the GPU that is slowing you down. Probably a combination of the CPU and GPU.
  13. The only downside to the Fractial is that you only get 1 fan in the front vs the three on the other case. If that is a deciding factor just go buy more fans for the front.
  14. If I were you I would personally go with the Fractual case. It has better airflow and I think it looks better but both are good cases.