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  1. I just threw in an order for one of those. Need something strong and it matches my color scheme as a bonus.
  2. There isn't anything better? Was expecting something a little more expensive than that. (Not saying it is bad, just a little lower than I expected)
  3. Hi, I just need something to connect my desktop to wifi. Just moved into a place with no ethernet. I want something strong (not some staples/radio shack crap) and am looking to spend around $75-$100. Doesn't matter if it is USB or PCI as long as it is good. Which one should I buy? Thanks
  4. If the computer is fine, add peripherals. A new monitor, keyboard (!), or chair could really enhance your experience using it. I really recommend getting a nice keyboard though.
  5. I'm going to be honest with you. I've had liquid cooling in my computer for just over a year now. Unless you really see yourself as loving to tinker with your computer, don't do it. At this point it is just a hassle for me. Every time I need to drain or refill it, I just feel like scrapping this computer and going back to aircooling. I wish I had never done liquid cooling. This is not to say that liquid cooling is bad. Some people really love it and it does offer significance overclocking room. But it is not for everyone. Eventually, you just want to sit down and use your damn computer instead of worrying about leaking fittings and refilling the loop. It seems you friends dad would not be the person to want a liquid cooled system.
  6. I drive a 2001 Stick shift jeep wrangler. Linus understands the stick shift master race. Taking the doors off isn't something you fast car guys can do Gotta learn to drive like this:
  7. I through this together real quick. Check if everything is compatible though. I haven't looked into PC's since 2014 so I'm clueless when it comes to new stuff. Would be super quick and if you need more storage just throw in a hard drive. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/rjg6zy
  8. I'm just trying to stop you from looking dumb. Not trying to be mean but I actually laughed out loud when I saw in countered.
  9. Doesn't mean anything. I know that if I went to best buy, I sure as hell wouldn't want some 15 year old helping me. Best buy doesn't really specialize in computers anyway.
  10. First of all, it is encountered. Second; rocket league. I don't play many non AAA titles as you can see.
  11. Specific games and fps in those games would help.
  12. I've never seen anybody that young working at best buy. They probably understand that you will be going back to school in a few weeks or they don't need your help. I doubt it is that you're answering the questions wrong. They see that you're young and that you can't work full time.
  13. I think Clarkson, Hammond, and May are making a new show. All of them know that top gear won't be successful if all three aren't there. Top gear on BBC will fail and the new show will hopefully be good.
  14. I would just get one PSU personally but if you must get a second one, a regular one will work fine. I would get one of these. Flipping the switch on the back of the psu would be annoying if it was on the ground or something. You could run the 24 pin up to your desk so that you have this switch easily accessible. I also would not trust a paperclip for 24/7 use. If it falls out, you could have some problems. On top of this, would strongly caution making an external loop. I don't really see the point in doing it. All you will end up doing is spending more on fluid and probably tubing. Then you will have a computer that can't be moved more than 2 feet without the help of another person. Filling it would be a hassle too if you don't plan to have a mount for the res. You would need to elevate the res outside of the case for the best results.
  15. I feel like people are forgetting to mention that every single CPU is different in regards to overclocking. No one can tell you how much you will gain because no one knows how high you chip will be able to go. If you want an accurate answer, the ONLY way to tell is to overclock and figure it out yourself. No one can tell you. No number in this thread will be accurate to a useful degree. Your question depends on many variables, some of which are impossible to figure out without experimentation. Moral of the story, just go do it. That is the best way to get an answer and it isn't all that hard.
  16. Well obviously if the graphics enabler is set to no, then the graphics can't be enabled. Duh. Noobs these days are such a bunch of freaking goofs.
  17. Borderless windowed mode (;
  18. I miss the time when I was genuinely excited by new hardware.

  19. I believe you can select whether you want borderless or not under the wrench thing. It gives me that option at least. I personally don't use the optimization because it thinks my 780Ti is the god of GPU's. I can not completely max out GTA V with a smooth frame rate even though geforce experience tries to tell me I can.
  20. The Geforce 500 series includes the 550Ti to the 590. Your card is part of the 500 series like it says above. Odd that they would cut it like that. Have others experienced this issue or just you? I can't seem to find anyone else from a quick google. Have you tried reinstalling geforce experience? I can't imagine that Nvidia would do that. Makes no sense from a business stand point.
  21. <p>I'm sure none of you text and drive at all at any time... :rolleyes: just chill out a little, he isn't going to kill anyone. It's a manual so most of his attention is on the road anyway. People are so quick to point out any flaws in another person when it can't be proven that they have the same flaws. I'm sure most of you complaining have texted and driven. A lot of you probably aren't even old enough to drive. If it was an automatic, you might have a case, but it being a Manual, he really can't be that distracted so chill. Anyway #StickShiftMasterRace and good video Edit: I guess posting from the s6 isn't making the forum too happy. Seems to be throwing a bunch of random crap in.
  22. It is after a discount code and $30 mail and rebate that I will never do. I'm thinking the EVGA will do.
  23. So, To make a long story short I was filling my loop today and my RM750 just cut off and now only spins the fan for a second when I turn it on. Probably because I spilt some coolant in it but whatever. Don't buy alpha cool 90 degree fittings, they leak. Whatever. I just need a new power supply around the same wattage. What's good at this point that's under $120. Could go over budget a little but I'm saving to lift my jeep so I'm not looking to spend too much. Sorry for the rambling post but what would you guys recommend? Thanks
  24. that didnt work. From event viewer it seems to be conflicting with a windows thing called truecolor. Dont really know what that is.