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    filthy casual

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    United Nations Office at Geneva
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    drinking rockstar "organic" energy drinks


  • CPU
    potato g3258, dat $45 sale price doe
  • Motherboard
    sabertooth z87, dat warranty doe #openBoxOnNeweggMarked/SoldAs"New"
  • RAM
    corsair 16gb, dat warranty doe
  • GPU
    xfx 280, dat warranty doe
  • Case
    ATCS 840, dat aluminium doe
  • Storage
    840 pro, yawn but still #betterThanAnyOCZDeadProductAfter2YearsScamWarranty
  • PSU
    antec lel, dat warranty doe
  • Display(s)
    dell ultrasharp yolo and your basic asus (that's an IPS panel supposedly) with the wobbliest stand in the history of the universe
  • Cooling
    h60 yolo with 2 stripped threads, thankfully they're diagonally opposed, lul
  • Keyboard
    rosewill mx blues, best qualuty
  • Mouse
    g402 is miles ahead of the g502, yes you read that right
  • Sound
    argue argue argue argue argue argue argue argue argue argue argue argue argue argue usb FiiO dac+595's
  • Operating System
    ubuntu bc i can't install debian ;(

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  1. For anyone who's keeping score here, Bose has responded by saying this suit is inflammatory and more: http://www.businessinsider.com/bose-response-spying-headphone-users-app-2017-4 -- interesting to see how many people (including the hosts) apparently pre-judged the allegations before hearing a peep from the other side. Does the wan show do follow-ups, or is that not a thing?
  2. I like providing updates so here's an update. I went with the 2GB 710 card and it's working nicely and silently. $30 after rebate card. Yes, I am a pussy for accepting such an offer but the retailers I frequent (#walmart) are able to do "split transactions" so I intend on using every penny on that $10 rewards card. Also, can I just say how weird it feels inserting a "half-length" PCIe card into a full-length PCIe x16 slot? It really feels weird but the proprietary nvidia driver and hdmi all seems to be working fine after updating the drivers from mesa. Clean,
  3. I'm looking for nothing more than a simple display card on my backup Ubuntu box. AMD still has issues on the latest Ubuntu versions so I'll be buying Nvidia this time (which is quite rare for me.) Here's the specs: i7-920 6GB DD3-1600 tri-channel xfx 4890 (which makes a ton of blower noise -- which is why I want to replace it.) p5something deluxe mobo some random 1tb hitache hdd (probably a deathstar) requirements: hdmi but I can settle with a dvi adapter (as that's the way I'm doing it with the 4890.) no screen tearing (that's why nvidia
  4. When I was in high school I made $6.25 an hour. Worked for a year and asked for a raise, got a 10 cents added.
  5. Speaking of stuff for sale @nicklmg, are shirts no longer available in the store? P.S. If I were you, I would seriously make this item a custom order.
  6. Yeah I saw that, actually I found an easier read with basically the same information here. I wonder what the modem will report on the connected device address... Is there any need at all for v6, especially considering my situation?
  7. You might get an updated ifconfig be forcibly restarting the network manager service itself: sudo systemctl restart network-manager.service
  8. @Ronda I was able to produce an instance where the network manager's setting was on "ignored" and re-plugged back into the modem, enabled the wired connection, and no v6 address showed on the base connection just "v6: Ignored" -- I've been trying to replicate it since I'd rather not deal with v6 at all tbh, I don't know the technology enough and just the fact that a link-local address could still be communicating (who knows what) with the modem behind the VPN's back is weird to me.
  9. Hey guys I got a new cable modem/gateway from my isp and it seems like ipv6 is on by default as I'm issued both a v4 and v6 to my network adapter when connected. Now in my ubuntu network manager settings, I can select various options for ipv6 -- automatic, ignore, link-local only. The ignore option seems to still pull down a v6 address. Link-local pulls down an "fe80" address. There's an option to disable v6 globally by adding a grub option but I haven't tried that. The vpn settings seems to carry over v4 traffic over a default tunnel and ignores v6 entirely. test-ipv6.com doesn't
  10. Hey guys, I've been through some grief trying to get these emails back into my inbox, I've hopefully found the solution and thought I would fish for additional insight or comments. I know Linus has complained about this in the past about you'll get less emails if you're less "engaged" in a subbed channel...I don't know if this is true since I haven't personally seen an instance of that (one exception below), but I pretty much watch every video I'm subbed to, including LTT. The one small exception is a gradeAunderA video criticizing runway fashion -- I'm subbed to a few "uppity" runway model fa