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    Intel Core i5-3570
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    Asus P8Z77V-LX2
  • RAM
    32GB DDR3 1600MHz CL 9
  • GPU
    XFX RX 580 XXX Edition
  • Case
    CoolerMaster HAF 912
  • Storage
    Samsung EVO 840 250GB, 500GB HDD, 1TB HDD
  • PSU
    BeQuiet Straight Power 580W CM
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    BenQ BL3200PT 32" 2560x1440
  • Cooling
    EKL Alpenföhn Brocken, BeQuiet Shadow WIngs case fans @7V
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    Windows 10 Pro 64Bit

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  1. Since you are still a minor (which I am assuming) and living with your parents, they are allowed to make that decision. The only way you are going to get them to be more forthcoming is to put some real effort into your education and show some initiative. These things are also very important for your future. With your specs, you can still play a lot of older, very nice and challenging games. You might not have a go at those fancy AAA titles, but there are plenty of other games to choose from. You might not be inclined to try them at first, but your options are limited, so make due with what you have and try to appreciate it. You won't be disappointed in the long run.
  2. That is disgusting. I have cleaned surfaces affected by smoke with isopropyl alcohol before. Just make sure the underlying surface doesn't get damaged. Smokers don't really seem to be aware of the smell they and their belongings get. I can only imagine the dust that accumulates in those machines will both smell and stick well thanks to the smoke, making it more problematic and also more difficult to remove. Do we really need smoke filters for all air intakes now? One way to tackle this problem would be for the management to raise this issue in a meeting. Maybe try to estimate the additional costs caused by smokers in your department, that should open the managers' eyes a bit. I would also delay replacing laptops of smoking employees as much as possible (unless it harms their productivity of course, no point in making the company lose money to "educate" smoking employees). Those devices heavily affected by smoke might have to be phased out sooner (at some point, their remaining value would make the time you have to spend cleaning them not worth it).
  3. I have disconnected both the power LED and HDD LED because they annoyed me. I have used part of the case of an old PSU to create a fan mount that sits in a stack of 3 5.25" drive cages.
  4. I put my tower on the table and replaced its feet with some IKEA cabinet feet in order to raise it so that the PSU gets sufficient airflow This also allows me to use the space under my tower.
  5. @Schnoz the title of it should be: when I found out the heatsink was made of aluminum instead of nickel plated copper, despite the weight of the whole thing suggesting the latter.
  6. "They should have put tariffs on the virus. not on PC hardware" (Lyle from Bitwit)
  7. A while ago I watched Breaking Bad (I know I waited a long time before I finally decided to watch it), then Star Trek Discovery, then Sex Education.
  8. Maybe they thought French hygiene standards were just like those shown in "Les Misérables" or "Perfume"... One more recent movie that could maybe make some Americans want to avoid France is the first "Taken" movie with Liam Neeson.
  9. Oh yes, using "du" when speaking to random people can easily be considered as an insult here in Austria (pretty sure most Germans will not like it either). I agree, being polite is the safest and best way to go imho. You must be a very patient person to have endured two hours of that without complaining. There are so many stereotypes floating around, the only remedy is to travel and experience other cultures yourself. I was astonished when I heard some relatives of mine (who are living in the Middle East) speak about America and Europe...didn't sound realistic at all. In the 70s, my mother was once asked during a trip in the Middle East if all Europeans were constantly drinking alcohol, gambling and watching porn... Needless to say that this question surprised her very much.
  10. If it's free or heavily discounted, go for it. It is a nice city, I have been there several times and enjoyed my time there. Depending on what you are looking for, there are nicer destinations within France. I particularly like the Côte d'Azur, which has some truly beautiful places (especially if you avoid tourist hotspots). The problem with Paris is the high expectations some people have before going there for the first time (all that stuff about the romantic atmosphere). Some Japanese tourists have been known to have been disappointed so badly they developed various health problems attributed to the so-called "Paris syndrome" (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paris_syndrome). I guess sometimes the joke "The French are so hardcore: they have *pain* for breakfast" is not too far from the truth
  11. "Let me finish when I'm interrupting you!"
  12. I also have some interesting pictures to share (taken by me ) A picture of an open engine of a decommissioned 747 classic taken standing just next to it and picture of the wing and engine of a 787-900 in-flight from my passenger seat.
  13. Unfortunately, Gene Roddenberry has already passed away, so we can just hypothetize about how he would have reacted to the newer Star Trek series and movies. I understand the wish to have new Star Trek material to be created in a way that respects Roddenberry's legacy. One problem with that is that more of the same (e.g. TOS or TNG "addons") will not necessarily appeal to today's audience.Times change, so do tastes, expectations and technology. While TNG had episodes that I would consider to be masterpieces, there were also some that were sub-par (see for example the "honest trailer" on youtube for examples of flaws/peculiarities). The new series have to fit into the ST universe and at the same time avoid too many plot types that have already been covered before, which is increasingly difficult. ST Discovery had some interesting elements, and I actually liked Season 2 (although I understand while some people might not), even though the concept of "AI gone rogue" was already presented in a TOS episode once. So far, only two episodes of ST Picard have been aired, hard to tell how the series as a whole will be. I liked the first two episodes and still want to see all the others, there is great potential in that storyline imho, let's hope it doesn't turn into a space version of a beauty pageant of TNG's "all stars" + Seven of Nine without a well written story behind it.
  14. Have you tried wall-mounting the TV and then buidling a box around it with wooden studs, some drywall and a large piece of plexi as a window that is close to but not flush with the screen? If you decide to try this, I would recommend adding some ventilation holes on the bottom and the top in order to avoid a heat buildup in the enclosure (which is something the TV's capacitors won't like too much and they would potentially die much more quickly than usual). The plexiglass will probably have some nasty reflections, but maybe you could put a transparent anti-reflective foil on top of it. Just make sure that foil doesn't block infrared, otherwise the remote will not work. If the plexiglass is thick enough, I very much doubt it can be broken that easily and even if that were to happen, the TV would be at a safe distance (a few cm should be enough). I hope everything works out for you and your son.
  15. I'll talk about AoE II since this is the game I know best from the one you mentioned. I really enjoyed the campaigns, both back then as a child and now as an adult. I have also bought the HD and DE versions (when they were on sale) and enjoyed the improvements. I tend to replay the campaigns I liked every so often and from time to time I discover something new or try out new (sometimes quite bold) strategies. I also like to play random maps against the AI. I also played the game over LAN with some friends, which is fun, but the single player mode has much to offer by itself imho. Another game I really like to play in single player mode is Age of Mythology. For this game, the campaign is interesting and also shows you how to really play well. I can understand your frustration with single player mode if the game's campaign is lazily designed and much too short. But then that's what reviews are for, such things rarely go unnoticed by most reviewers.