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  1. pokemoncrusher1

    Have you ever fallen asleep watching a GN video?

    Yeah but i fall asleep to some ltt vids also...
  2. pokemoncrusher1

    Led strip lights w/system power state?

    Yeahbut u gotta run it out of the case, plus dont think you can set it to blink etc wothout custom coding. Because personally my msi mystic light cant change dynamically, when i gp in sleep mode leds turn off also
  3. Its not. I ordered an ssd on ebay and they sent me this code in the pack. If someone wants to pick up an ssd im giving them an opportunity to save some money..
  4. yup. not home rn will send when i get home!
  5. pokemoncrusher1

    Strange behavior with ASUS VG248QE through DisplayPort

    Anything going on sitht he computer is not related to your monitor. Your monitor wont make your computer look like it power cycles.
  6. I bought an ssd from them and they sent me a code. Figured I could put it to better use. Whoever can guess my favorite color gets it sent to their pm. Not shilling just trying to help somebody out.
  7. pokemoncrusher1

    Overheating i7 8750H

    I had a i7 8750h and I will tell you there is no fix. The only fix is to undervolt. What i did is go in throttle stop and changed the boost to 3.8 ghz. This made me only 70c under load.
  8. Amazing. I would just replace the cooler with something quieter just for ultra sleeperness
  9. pokemoncrusher1

    Could crash be GPU overclock related?

    Could be. 800 memory is alot. Plus you never know if an oc is truely stable unless you like stess test for like a week. I p95ed my cpu oc for like 3 hours. And no crashes. I played rust for 2 hrs and blue screened.
  10. pokemoncrusher1

    Jankiest Thing You've Done?

    Free storage and g fuel holder
  11. pokemoncrusher1

    Experienced Answers Needed. Rtx 2060 & ryzen 2600

    Yeah obv some SIs have better ones but i was just saying. And also obv theres gnna be some with that price range but much less than before.
  12. pokemoncrusher1

    Experienced Answers Needed. Rtx 2060 & ryzen 2600

    Ok dude remember when I said recommend also thats not true from my experience. Prebuilt psus last till out of warrenty and then start dieing. Alot of those psus work but theyre not great. I had a friend complaining of coil whine on his gpu so I told him to buy a cx 650m which is the budget psu for 50$ instead of his prebuilt 650w one and wow his coil whine was almost unnoticeable. On a brand new system he just bought
  13. pokemoncrusher1

    x99 USB port issue

    Try on someone elses pc? It could be the usb firmware disabling the other ports or somehting with the mobo. Weird issue.
  14. pokemoncrusher1

    Experienced Answers Needed. Rtx 2060 & ryzen 2600

    Its enough. Although whenever someone I know orders a prebuilt I recommend replacing the psu. They are usually low quality and mustering 50 dollars for something keeping your parts dead or alive is a good idea.