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  1. Does anyone know where I can find a direct panel replacement for my monitor? Been all over google without much luck. The only place I haven't checked is the manufacturer's support line, but I'm under the impression they dont sell replacement LCD panels...?
  2. I'm actually more concerned with the daily performance difference between 1600/3600 cpus. I understand my 4820k isnt really slow or bad, but I'm having issues with the whole system since the majority of the parts were used when I got them and my system has become more and more unstable as time goes on. I've tried several remedies to isolate the issue, but cant seem to pinpoint the problem. I've been wanting to upgrade to ddr4/m.2 for a while Just trying to see if almost doubling my cpu budget would be worth it.
  3. Never had an rgb mobo before, but I'm assuming there is a setting for it in bios? If not, I would make sure the program is set to run on startup
  4. Yea I saw a listing of $85 on bonanza.com? Just never heard of it and figured it wasnt worth the risk
  5. The listing on amazon is showing (YD1600BBAFBOX) 3.2-3.6ghz
  6. Still running gtx 970 for now. Upgrading that as well, just not right now.
  7. I'm sorry what's the difference between 1600 and 1600af? I dont seem to see any results for that
  8. Gaming, unity/unreal development mostly. I dont stream or make videos
  9. I've decided to upgrade my ancient desktop from i7 4820k and I'm looking at Ryzen cpu. I dont want to spend too much, but I want a decent cpu that will perform and last me a while. I found the R5 1600 for only $104 on amazon and thought it was a helluva deal, but now I'm having second thoughts. Still waiting on the mobo to come in, so im wondering if it makes sense to return the 1600 and spend an extra $70ish on the 3600, but it will also require a new mobo unless I want to go thru the process of flashing BIOS. I've grabbed the fastest ram my mobo will handle ddr4 3200
  10. Yea probably would go with the a50s if they weren't so damn expensive. Only had the a40s at all because someone gave them to me for building a pc lol
  11. I had the a40s for the longest time. The cloth pads were damn near unnoticeable sometimes in would get up from my pc and completely forget they were on lol. I'll check my local best buy and see if they have them on display. Thanks
  12. I never really experienced low quality over Bluetooth, except when I'm using those low quality transmitters in my car. I dont mind average sound quality as long as it's not piss poor with static and such. I think I'm gonna try out the hyperx cloud mix that another user suggested. Thanks for the info though!
  13. You say hyperx is more comfortable than astros?? I might have to try them out. Do you happen to know of any stores that might carry these so I can try them on before I buy?
  14. I'm looking for decent quality wireless solution to replace my turtle beach headset. Ideally, I want something that's comfortable to wear for 4-5 hours, sounds decent, has bluetooth, and doesnt require batteries. My budget is about $100 USD My new Note 10+ has no headphone Jack and I would like something that I can use between my pc and phone seamlessly. Either headset with detachable mic or headphones with a clip on wireless mic. Currently looking at the Steelseries Arctis 3 Bluetooth, but I dont think the mic comes off. Is there a
  15. I just bought this monitor looking for something "frameless" but it seems the display doesn't even go all the way to the edge. there's a small 1/8" black border around the sides and top of the image. I found a post on tom's hardware about a similar looking monitor from AOC where the same issue was present, and it ended up being the design of the monitor. i've tried adjusting the scaling options through NVidia control panel, but that doesnt seem to do anything. the image adjustments for the monitor's OSD are only available in VGA signal as well. does anyone know what's going on?