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  1. All the items I've clicked on in the top 2 tiers show no pricing history in your pcbuild links. Why are you showing us links to black holes?
  2. Yea, that was what I was thinking. I may not even cut it as it's larger than the case and if I ever need to use the shelf for it's original purpose of using as a helf. For the above comment about static, worried me only a little but I guess in the grand scheme of things, what's the difference between say, 1 inch, and 18 inches? ......... in regards to the height of the PC off of carpet.
  3. What are peoples objections to putting a PC on a long board that is laying on a carpeted floor? Obviously, with a power supply upside down in the bottom, and other issues regarding dust you don't want a PC on carpet. But I wanted to rotate my desk 90Degrees and the best possible way to make that fit would be by putting my PC on a long board, on carpet. Warnings?
  4. For 4 + years I've had an Asus I think this is newer, so I have the previous model of this. Asus - VG248QE 24" The thing to keep in mind is that that model will be $179 blackfriday at Bestbuy. Likely you can order it and pick it up as early as Sunday or Monday next week. Bestbuy will run their blackfriday pricing on 75%+ of their item at the beginning of the week and not wait until Thursday.
  5. 1440p - 165Hz - IPS - free sync for gsync compatability. https://www.newegg.com/black-gigabyte-aorus-fi27q-p-27/p/N82E16824012011 1440p - 165Hz - IPS - Gsync https://www.newegg.com/black-asus-rog-swift-pg279q-27/p/N82E16824236660 Would I even go higher?
  6. that one shows TN in the title. I'm willing to go up higher price wise too, with blackfriday and cybermonday on the rise a selection may be on sale.
  7. Last week I received my 9900k from intel retail deals, and Sunday got my PC running with that 9900k and an MSI 2080TI. My desk is still holding a 1080p 144Hz Asus. Sell me a new monitor for my upgrades. Buying sources Newegg or amazon for easy financing. Preference, higher refresh rate so my thoughts are 1440p at higher refresh is > 4k at 60fps.
  8. I def. care about frame rate more than I do resolution so nearly doubling the resolution and keeping the same or higher frame is what I'm looking at. 24" for the pixel density. 10% off the Ti new and for the 9900KF, less than $300 new sourced directly from intel being a retail partner. Don't know if we're allowed to state prices.
  9. I got lucky enough to get a deal and financing on a 2080TI. I'm also about to get an even better deal on a 9900KF. With those two pieces in mind, it's time to go from 24"1080p 144Hz to something better. I'm looking at 24", 2K - 144+ frame rate. My starting option is - Dell Model : S2417DG. What's out there that's better? IO unimportant. Size, resolution and frame-rates are all I am looking at.