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  1. Hmm, ok good info. So I might almost be better off in going with a hardware RGB controller and skip the fuss with trying to find something that works with Ubuntu. Additionally, I might be better off with skipping RGB on the RAM unless I can find out if their software can be run on Ubuntu.
  2. I have minimal experience with RGB, but I'm planning on a new Ryzen build with an Asus Prime X570-P motherboard, and some Corsair Vengeance RGB ram. Eventually I'd like to replace my existing case fans with some RGB as well, and maybe one day an AIO water cooler with RGB. 1) How do you control RGB colors on the RAM, and potentially case fans down the road? Can any of it be controlled through the UEFI/Bios? or Windows app only? I use an Ubuntu based Linux distro as my OS, no Windows. If Windows only, do you program it once, then you could change your OS (with the understanding the