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  1. you think an antistatic pad would help? i wrest my arm on my desk when I use my pc so if I could ground that then I should be fine right? I do have a grounded outlet plate next to me
  2. Yes it is decently cold. however the reason Im worried is because I have never experienced this much static before, even in similar conditions, is it really possible that there is so much static to shock me within minutes of discharging?
  3. Hi all, noticed recently that randomly if i touch the aluminum on my kb it shocks me, like static shock, i would say its static but the thing is I have been shocked repeatedly with a good bit of force into it. Im talking shocked, going to the bathroom and then it happens again, thing is once i get shocked It doesn't happen again, also seen me being shocked just by touching a grounded lightswitch, I could def see the static arc to the wall plate. Any possible theories? Could there be a grounding issue and I am getting static from some part of my pc, or am i really generating that much static to
  4. Try to get silicone leds and not PU tubing, pu will get yellow
  5. You need a controller like node pro or hue2, i reccommend hue 2 because all the other options ive seen use a molded sara connector which is yikes
  6. Ram is with software, fans go dependant on comtroller and brand
  7. VA, have one looks very nice compared to TN and no ghosting for me
  8. Hook something to short the power pins ehen you press the ir controller.
  9. Taichi and master or k4. All have 32mb chip and work well out of the box. The max has some problems still. Pretty sure they are shiping with updates
  10. Yeah but i fall asleep to some ltt vids also...
  11. Yeahbut u gotta run it out of the case, plus dont think you can set it to blink etc wothout custom coding. Because personally my msi mystic light cant change dynamically, when i gp in sleep mode leds turn off also
  12. Its not. I ordered an ssd on ebay and they sent me this code in the pack. If someone wants to pick up an ssd im giving them an opportunity to save some money..