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  1. Yeah I actually do that. I was just asking generally because I usually advise people against buying higher end CPUs in order to "futureproof" their system and not everyone on here agrees so I was concerned I might be giving people bad advice
  2. But unless a program uses more than 6 cores then you're not going to see an improvement right?
  3. Yeah used parts can be a great way to save money. I bought my last gpu used on Ebay for $50 less. I'm still iffy on buying an expensive psu though. I'm not saying cheap out, but if you're only running 1 gpu then you don't really need more than 650W and you can get a nice gold one for less than $100
  4. Gonna be about $199.99 at Walmart in about 10 years
  5. Thready


    I don't drink though. Alcohol ruined many lives in my family. I've never been drunk because I know I'd be a hot mess of a drunk and I'd probably like it a little too much.
  6. Thready


    Which is why my autistic bipolar ass doesn't drink... at all. The last thing I need is another social problem.
  7. Dang man you have to upload the finished project here.
  8. Yeah this is great advice. It reminds me of Bob Ross saying "If it doesn't make you happy, you're in the wrong business." This is supposed to be a happy endeavor. We're supposed to have fun doing it. Awesome post.
  9. Dang. Well I'd have to see numbers and benchmarks to be fully convinced but I've always had bad luck when I tried to stretch out my tech.
  10. But did you save a respectable amount of money by buying high end initially and waiting for so long? I mean I know a CPU will last more than 5 years just doing desktop stuff but won't it start to become a bottleneck after a while for anything CPU heavy?
  11. I think it heavily depends on what component and what your intended use will be. I would never suggest a 5 year old cpu for anything other than average desktop use. And you're talking about saving maybe a few hundred dollars in a 5 year span if you upgrade piece by piece like a lot of people do. I'm upgrading my mother board and cpu from a 6600k to a ryzen 3600 and I'm only spending $400 to do so and that will last me 3-4 years. I could go higher with ryzen and spend $200 more and have a cpu that will last 5 years... maybe... but that seems like a huge upfront cost for saving $100 or something down the line
  12. Does a macbook support an eGPU? Edit: Yeah it seems they do. Although I would save up and build a gaming computer because gaming on a Mac isn't the best experience.
  13. Well it seems like we're divided on whether or not to spend a lot of money on a CPU. I see both sides. My thinking is this: Most first time builders who I talk to are looking to game and to do basic desktop stuff, maybe some photo editing here and there. Paying that much more for a CPU is not going to make it last years longer than the cheaper version in my experience and opinion. Maybe I'm wrong. Future proofing rarely works with technology. Take for example a 6600k which I have, and a 6700k. I don't think the extra $150 for a 6700k makes it any more valuable 3 years down the line and I don't think its extra cost is helping it keep up with Ryzen. If I had a 6700k then I would still be looking to upgrade. I mean, I see the logic but I have a hard time agreeing with it.