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  1. Ohhhh ok. I think Ive got the bios motherboard speaker
  2. Is there any way to make a motherboard speaker work without going into the bios?
  3. My bad only aorus b550 elite
  4. Psu: 600W Gpu: tdp 160. reccomends minimum 450W on the box
  5. Is there a chance that the pcie cables of the psu are broken? cause everything is powered but the gpu, and the gpu definetively works
  6. Hi everyone. Recently I finished my first build, however the gpu doesnt turn on, all the other parts in the system are working but the gpu. Ive tried 2 of the three pcie slots on the mobo (Aorus pro elite) , neither worked. The gpu is a rx 5600 xt and it DOES work on another build and it gets display too, but not on mine idk why. Im guessing maybe the pcie cable from the psu is broken? Im hoping someone in the forum knows what the problem is. thnx Also I cant really try each individual part on the other build cause It is not in my house gpu: Sapphire pulse rx 5600 xt
  7. @HelpfulTechWizard Sapphire pulse rx 5600 xt AOC C24G1 (144hz VA)
  8. I was wondering If I needed to plug an HDMI cable or a Display Port cable into my gpu so that It displayed on my monitor?
  9. Hi I was wondering If any of you guys knew how to take the front panel of the Silverstone PM02 chassis off? Ive looked on yt and nobody shows how to and there don't seem to be any screws visible to take it off. Im preety sure it is possible as they showscase it like so on their website Id like to take the front panel off to replace the stock front fans and take out the front dust filters. Thanks
  10. Thank you all so much for the help, I really appreciate. You helped me put my build together and find solutions to my problems. although I found out that my gpu was defective hardware and I need to RMA it. My first build has definetely been an experience and I thank you all again for the help. All the best!