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    3570K (delidded) 4.5Ghz
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    Corsair Vengeance 8GB LP (4GBx2) 1600mhz CL9
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    HD7850 w Arctic Cooling TT2
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    840/850 Evo RAID0 + bunch of 2.5 drives in raid0
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    Corsair VS450
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    Dell E2214H
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    unfortunately, W10

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  1. I cant think of hardware you cant run linux on, I can however think of some shitty wifi/bluetooth cards that have shitty drivers on linux. (mainly broadcom stuff)
  2. I remember MIUI being heavy on the ram, 2GB might not be enough if you are going to get a MIUI device and use it somewhat more than average.
  3. Levent

    Can I unlock a locked Bootloader?

    Basic keyword search proved to me that you didnt even bother googling. But to answer your question, yes.
  4. Levent

    Monitor stuck as pnp monitor

    have you tried a different cable?
  5. I cant also push further than 4.4Ghz without putting very significant voltages through it. I can get 4.3ghz with 1.15v while 4.4 requires 1.28v.
  6. I got a router in my room but still I find myself laying cat5s to my laptop when I want to stream games to my laptop from the desktop. 

    This fucking shit sucks. 


    1. imreloadin


      Yep, that's wi-fi for you...

  7. I have been playing Serious Sam 2, this game is still awesome.

  8. lol, that letter was a crucial one.
  9. Levent

    Laptop charging issue

    you probably did more damage that I anticipated, when my lenovo g510 shorted out it also had the same symptoms. Its now lying in trash somewhere.
  10. Levent

    Laptop charging issue

    get a new battery.
  11. By all means get one if you cant do a day without your computer but other than that you really can get graphics cards almost everywhere nowadays, I wouldnt even waste money until its becomes a necessity.
  12. Just rename it .rom. However you HAVE to rename it back to its original name in order for your bios to recognize it.
  13. Shit, I didnt know zelda had soundtrack like this. 


  14. Asking for my wlan password with your iphone x in your hand. Bitch nah.

  15. Levent

    3770k Overclock issue

    I was able to control it with my Z77-DS3H, I guess gigabyte used an even worse VRM setup for that board. Then I am sad to say it but you are out of luck.