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    3570K (delidded) 4.2Ghz 1.068v
  • Motherboard
    Z77 DS3H
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance 8GB LP (4GBx2) 1600mhz CL9
  • GPU
    HD7850 w Arctic Cooling TT2
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    840 Evo 120GB + old 2.5 drives
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    Corsair VS450
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    Dell E2214H
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    Creative SB Audigy SE (still better than onboard audio)
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    unfortunately, W10

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  1. yo remove your email before it gets bombarded by an nigerian prince.
  2. What's the Xbox 360 connect cable called?

    IIRC that is for charging only. (ofc only to be used with rechargeable batteries)
  3. What's the Xbox 360 connect cable called?

    xbox360 wireless controller receiver?
  4. I been taking modafinil before studying for exams, shit really works I couldnt even study for 30 minutes before getting bored to death and now I study for 4 to 5 hours without even taking a break.

    1. imreloadin


      Don't do drugs kids mmmmk.

  5. not that I am aware of, tor was a POI a while back but I think I can still connect to tor network. that was a very specific case, that happened when erdogans shit was leaked (2014-2016) and during the coup attempt (but then again I was still able to connect vpns that I used during that time, including mine)
  6. another one to the list, I am kinda used to these "blocks" now its been like 12 years since they first introduced these blocks with porn sites first then followed by youtube and wikipedia, however I can still access protonmail with my ISP, website is not officially blocked in Turkey I am certain that is just Vodafone (text with yellow background says that: there is no court order to block or restrict access to this website)
  7. cpu speed lock everytime causes lag

    you are most likely in power save mode (change that in power settings/control panel)
  8. I just went in to my universities IT department and told them about an issue with their database, which they cant seem to fix themselves.

  9. I swear everytime I open my case to clean it up, I always taking all day because delidded cpus are such a pain in the ass.

    1. Levent


      I thought I was done and now core4 hits 100c while others max out at 70, YAY I GOTTA DO IT AGAIN.

  10. Anyone still on Forza Horizon 3?

    absolutely, I play every day. (new to multiplayer part of things though) I sent my request.
  11. 8700k idling at 1.48V stock

    I believe you need to set a fixed voltage then set up load line balancing, its seems like its at auto and LLC is not set.
  12. I honestly cant think of any other car that I am more tempted to buy than laguna seca blue E46 M3, BUT there is one other car that I lust over more than anything else and it is the M6 GT3/GTLM just look at it, I wish I had 200K euros to spare.
  13. HDMI Cable that does AA, wat. 


  14. Surviving Mars is a great game, loving it so far.

  15. *great at "innovation" but they suck at everything else, including hardware and software. (motherboard issues goes back to G2)