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  1. If it was a decent power supply sure, it probably would be enough. I am not sure about quality of that PSU, anyways try that card with the adapter then let us know if it still doesnt work.
  2. The question you are asking is one of those questions that you should answer, not us. Its your computer, you will be using it, you will be looking at it, thus you should decide.
  3. You wont be powering that CPU and that GPU with a "460W" OEM PSU.
  4. Its just a safeguard. It has nothing to do with Elon Musk or Star Trek. I swear anything and everything this dude does exaggerated and everyone attempts to turn this dude a god or something.
  5. Assuming you got an Android device, cant you just use android's own application notification block feature?
  6. That logic is extremely dumb. You dont get paid in USD in Egypt, if you were, yes it would be dirt cheap. 1USD is 16 egyptian pounds. Minimum wage is 2000EGP (approx 125$). Minimum wage in Egypt gets you 4166kwh. Same math applied to US (with $1100 monthly wage) you can get 7857kwh.
  7. I dont get it, you are talking about high electricity bills yet you got RDR2 on PC and telling us the FPS it gets on high settings? Bruh. Try to chip in on that electricity bill instead of just spending your pocket money.
  8. LMAO. I somehow corrupted my 82579V's MAC ID.


    On the plus side, I recovered the BIOS.

    1. Windows7ge


      Good thing Windows provides you a GUI tool to spoof the MAC address so you can fix that. /s

    2. Levent


      There is a tool by Intel called, eeupdate.exe. If you can boot to MSDOS, you can actually change MAC address to whatever you want (I guess), I just used my original mac as I am too lazy to change static IP in DHCP.

    3. Windows7ge


      I can't say for sure how the MAC address is written at the hardware level because as it is spoofed at the software level it won't last past a restart. The original hardware MAC will come back as the default. Whatever binary switches are used to set the hardware MAC I don't know if there's any tool for DOS or else that can actually permanently change the hardware MAC. Weather or not they're editable or in some form of ROM.


      I just set static addresses on the servers/VMs and shrink the DHCP pool to compensate. I don't waste time on reserving IP's in the router.

  9. nothing like 4 am bios recovery on saturday. Already flashed it 3 times, no dice yet.


  10. %90 chance its overheating. Seek help from your parents.
  11. Don't start with resin printer. Resin is dangerous. What about something more known ? Ender 3 is a great beginner printer.
  12. Prices skyrocketed since Black Friday. It's the basic economic concept, supply and demand curve. Wait a while until demand dives down or supply catches up.
  13. Lol try that with a ivy bridge CPU. My 3570K does 4.5Ghz with 1.42v.