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  1. Does 5.1 channels work in music?

    it all depends what kind of media player you are using, also some sound cards can upscale the audio channels to 5.1 (afaik all realtek cards does that) without depending on the media itself. That being said you can actually output 5.1 audio if you have an audio file that is encoded for 6 channels, if you want 5.1 audio without depending on software tricks.
  2. get a fucking twitter, if you are going to be posting "status updates" 20 times a day.

    1. TVwazhere
    2. Densetsu


      Or... just don't read them? That way we don't need to use another platform to appease 1 person.

    3. Levent
  3. fucks sake, I didnt knew fake thermal pastes were a thing.

    1. aki adaki

      aki adaki

      There are ripoffs of any and everything. Even toilet paper 

    2. Tech_Dreamer


      what happened? or you're just saying it's a thing.

    3. Levent


      I needed thermal paste so I got another tube of AS5, and this one is like liquid shit. (and it is noticeably worse with temperatures)

  4. Why is Windows 10 hated?

    until the next update comes a year later then pretty much do the same things again
  5. someone slammed the door to my cars fender THEN used their touchup paint on MY car. wtf?

  6. Forza Horizon 4 is set in Great Britain,if it was Japan (which I really wanted it) or literally anywhere else and I would have bought it. Instead we get FH3.5

  7. How bad is Weed?

    inb4 to be honest, there are significantly worse drugs, both prescription and off the shelf that were supposed to help with psychological problems and I been on some of those for a while (around 8 years) and everytime you reduce your dosage shit starts falling apart (for me atleast), I been smoking weed for over 5 years and its much more effective than any of those drugs that were prescribed to me, I am not depended on it, I dont smoke it every day, I dont keep a joint with me wherever I go. I am off those "meds" since then and it has been going far better for me. ya all need to experience this stuff rather than going "oh thats bad, cuz my mom told me so", if this was as bad as heroin or alcohol it wouldnt have been legalized for medicinal or recreatinal use.
  8. just +2mb L3 cache and +100mhz on core speeds on HK.
  9. you cant, just get a replacement fan.
  10. ffs, steam summer sale is still 2 weeks away.

  11. Best way to transport a computer?

    I just chug mine to the trunk sideways, gpu facing towards to side of the car and never had any issues. (but its not like I am carving corners like a maniac)
  12. CPU thermal throttle at 70°C?

    I am pretty sure its not throttling, your cpu has a base clock of 2.5ghz, you probably seen it go to 2498-2499mhz. Intel Turbo Boost only works when temperatures are below a certain threshold and you seem to discovered that point.
  13. so, AtiWinFlash doesnt work on 1803, where is that dos floppy disk when you need it...

  14. $25 Z77A-GD65 update, it works however this bios is shit.

    1. Levent


      I mean I never liked gigabytes bios and all but this is on another level of complex.