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  1. thanks to my shitty wiring of a fan,I almost burned down the 3d printer today. I am gonna go ahead and buy 10 meters of heat shrink and wrap each and every splice I did. 

    1. aki adaki

      aki adaki

      How many splices are there....? 

    2. Levent


      lol I added 2 extra fans, I just wired them straight to power supply now.

  2. How much torque requiered for a 3d printer?

    here is the thing, on i3 clones the X and Y axis' are moved by belts, if your belts are too lose you will have skipping/layer shifts and you will need to get the belt tense enough that it doesnt skip BUT that would mean you would need a more powerful stepper motor. I honestly wouldnt cheap out on motors, (nor rods or bearings). I actually put together an i3 clone last year using second hand Nema 17s off some dude (and currently using an Anet A8), I would go for that option.
  3. amazing song, I fucking love spotify 

    1. Ya_Mi


      Uhh no one is singing but i like the beats

  4. Not optimized and Bad Port PC Game

    I beg to differ lol.
  5. Not optimized and Bad Port PC Game

  6. even F1 cars use metal fittings.
  7. this 3d printer journey has been more annoying than anything I encountered so far. Dont buy Anet A8 kids.

  8. shit, my mandatory military service starts in 6 months...

  9. waiting in car wash line, it starts raining.

    F U C K Y E S

  10. m--y-fu-cking-key------------b--------------------------------------------------------------------oard is broken 

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      shout out to your avatar.

  11. anyone here familiar with Skynet3D firmware? (v. 2.3.2)

  12. according to tomshardware's test, their 980ti maxed out at 450w draw from PSU, lets say you keep your cpu stock and it uses 95w, you are already pretty close 600 watt mark.
  13. I really hope croatia gets this one, I always enjoy underdogs taking the win
  14. first WAN show I watched since 2014, just because wendell and louis was in it.

    1. Levent


      lmao this episode is even weirder than I anticipated

  15. calibrating a 3d printer sucks

    1. Levent


      first order of business is printing a better Z axis end switch bracket, the that comes with anet a8 sucks ass