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About HoneyBadger84

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  • CPU
    i9 9900k @ 5GHz 1.29V
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Master
  • RAM
    4x8GB G.Skill TridentZ RGB 3600MHz CL16 @ 4000MHz CL17
  • GPU
    eVGA GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 Hybrid
  • Case
    Thermaltake View 91
  • Storage
    Samsung SSDs (2x1TB), Seagate SSHD 2TB
  • PSU
    eVGA SuperNova P2 1200W
  • Display(s)
    Alienware AW3418DW (3440x1440 @ 100-120Hz)
  • Cooling
    Thermaltake Floe 280mm AIO on the CPU with push/pull fans
  • Keyboard
    Alienware Gaming RGB Keyboard
  • Mouse
    Aliewnare Gaming RGB Mouse
  • Sound
    Logitech Artemis G933 (wouldn't recommend it, battery issues)
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 64-Bit

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  1. HoneyBadger84

    Would you consider this stable ?

    It's only stable until it isn't. Other than running hours upon hours of stress tests there's no way to significantly test stability for sure, excepy using it how you would and seeing if it crashes. Without you running AIDA64 & prime95 stress tests at all I can't say I'd call it "stable" myself.
  2. HoneyBadger84

    Upgrading CPU

    After Zen 3, IF it performs the way AMD says it does, Intel won't have much of a choice but to drop prices. That's a big IF though.
  3. HoneyBadger84

    Upgrading CPU

    Yeah I would wait for Zen 3 & either get one of those or get a price-dropped 8700K/9900K setup.
  4. HoneyBadger84

    Aorus z390 ultra.. what is this port?

    The plugs are actually stupid proof on motherboards. The motherboard 8-pin power cord connector will not plug in to a PCI-e 8-pin connector plug in. PSU makers changed this because people used to do that & fry their systems. Difference pictured, note pin 6:
  5. HoneyBadger84

    Mixing memory speeds

    I would recommend selling the old kit when you get the new one. Unless you do tasks that actually need more than 16GB of RAM, the hassle you're going to go through trying to get settings that will make the two sets work better together will probably not be worth it. Mixing kits at best will make the system default to the lower speed kit's settings. At worst it won't boot until you clear CMOS and set timings manually that both sticks can run at the same speed at.
  6. HoneyBadger84

    Aorus z390 ultra help

    Look at the guide for the H150i Pro. It should explain that stuff on there. There should be one cord from the cpu block for sure that connects to the CPU fan header on the motherboard. Other than that, what else there is depends on the AIO.
  7. HoneyBadger84

    The best z390 board?

    The Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Master is one of the top few and it is significantly cheaper than the Godlike from MSI or Gigabyte's own Xtreme/Xtreme WaterForce offerings. It has tied for the best VRM and VRM cooling, and overclock extremely well as well. If you're going balls out no expense spared, and have plans for liquid cooling, and you can find it in Stock from a non-third party seller, the Xtreme WaterForce is the Alpha of the pack. But you always have that chance of receiving one with a board block that gets cracked in shipping, that would be a drag. For the "best price to performance" and "best in its category", the AORUS Master is THE Z390 motherboard.
  8. HoneyBadger84

    Cpu advice? Please?

    Yeah keep in mind, a lot of sales people get commission so they make money based on what they sell. I would recommend the 2700x if you do more than just gaming. The 9900k is "better", but it's not "twice the price" better, so unless money is no object, it's better to get the 2700x.
  9. HoneyBadger84

    Overclock 4 Ram Slot

    Some boards like all 4 DIMMs being populated, some don't. I would indeed try some additional voltage, wouldn't go to looser timings unless you get in to adding 0.1V territory as that's a bit much. It could also be secondary or tertiary timings that are just being set too tight by the board. To clarify, will your system not boot with 4 sticks installed and XMP set, or does it boot but show 2133MHz in CPUz etc on the memory tab? If it boots but the RAM is not running at the speed you set, that's a different issue that adding voltage likely won't fix.
  10. The CPU would "fit" in the board, but it will not "work" because there is no official support on that board for 9th Gen processors in the BIOS. It's likely, if it did "work", it would blow that board up due to inferior power and control systems anyway. The last BIOS update for that board was done in March of 2018. I wouldn't even try it, just get a newer board & that processor you want (or a better one) when you can afford to get both.
  11. HoneyBadger84

    9900k Doesn't hit 5GHz

    That's not at all what we're talking about. The stock turbo boost for single/dual core on the 9900K IS 5GHz. Update from me guys: I booted up today and guess what, I'm seeing 5GHz max-boost on several cores. No clue why, I haven't changed anything since my previous post. 6 of the 8 cores have boosted to 5GHz briefly a few times. In addition to manually setting the 1-core and 2-core Turbo Boost to 50, I also increased the "time" limit on said boosts to the maximum number allowed. Of course that only helps for people who have BIOS options to set those. Pic attached for HWiNFO64 showing it.
  12. HoneyBadger84

    Comprehensive Memory Overclocking Guide

    I would do initial memory overclocking with the rest of the system at stock. This rules out everything else as being the issue, do if you encounter a failure, blue screen or the like, it has to be the memory. That's how I've done mine so far. Then you combine the two (CPU & RAM) OCs and adjust for stability of both.
  13. Starcraft 2 specifically, you need the highest single core performance possible. It's still a good idea to get more cores for future proof ness, but most of those titles only use 2-4 threads. I would wait for Zen 3 then either get that or a price-dropped 8700k-type build.
  14. HoneyBadger84

    Comprehensive Memory Overclocking Guide

    Set your VCCIO and VCCSA manually so your system doesn't kill them. I recommend a 1.2V starting point on those. What chipset are you on and what processor are you running? For Z390/9900K, anything at or under ~1.35V is fine for daily use according to most overclockers, ram voltage anything at or under 1.5V.