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  1. There is one set of fans on the radiator and 2 case fans And my lest question was that the 3200 mhz faster then 3600 mhz in most application, i don't think its true sens 3200 frequency is slower then 3600 mhz frequency And specially if the 3600 is cl 15 and the 3200 is cl 16
  2. I checked in other place and someone says that 3600 is slower then 3200 depends on the application, will this ram be faster then what I've got now?
  3. I will have 32 gb (8x4) of the 3600 cl15, the speed wouldn't change correct?, And it's wouldn't have stability problem? And i understand what you're saying, i will try that for my self, thank you very much There is a way to be sure that i have enough space from the radiator in my case?, I have room between the front of the case and the hdd drive tray?
  4. This is the memory i want to buy but I can't find it with 32 gb, only 16 gb, so if i pair 2 kit of 16gb (8x4) will the timing or speed will drop?
  5. Im going to buy the 280 mm, but i didn't understand you, when you say one puling one pushing is on the radiator? I can fit 360 but i think it's over kill for mostly gaming, so i can put the radiator in the front and under it intake fan, and on the back of the case one pushing the air out side, so i can do 2 radiator intake, one intake and one out from the back And about the ram, i want to buy 32 gb(8x4) of the 3600 cl15, but i didn't see configuration of ram like this with 32 gb, only 16 gb, so is it will be running slower on the timing or still be 15-15-15-35?
  6. Im buying this https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01EI5YROC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_SJrHFb2VXJ01Z , if i buy 2 kit of 16 (8x2) will it have problem with the timing or the speed?, Because I didn't see on the motherboard list that there is 32 gb of 3600 at 15-15-15-35 And with that I'm taking this https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07WP6M7P7/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_GLrHFbMS5HGDS Will i benefit from this cooler?, I'm running i9 9900k 5ghz (90-100 under load and 80 max in game) with be quite dark rock 4 with the antec case p101 silent and the airflow is bad, the aio will have more impact on the temperature?,
  7. I looked at those videos and didn't understand all the little things, but you making a good point, the industry is evolving faster and faster and my rig will be out of date very fast, so maybe it would he better to buy something upper middle class and saving some for the future, and everyone that i looked at his video says it's the best thing if you don't need the best of the best, so i will stick with the kit i have, thank you for your help
  8. And it will be good for 4k gaming with that speed? Even 8k if it will be possible in 5 years? 3200mhz will be efficient in those resolution?
  9. I have 3200mhz with 16 18 18 36 Is it better to stay with this? I wanted to find something faster with low timing but i need things at very specific high and all of that But i wanted to know if the kit that i have will have a negative impact on my system in the future, i want to upgrade to 4080 or something that will came out in the future and play on 4k above 144 fps and editing video's and stuff without any lag or problem
  10. Can you help me find set of 4 stick 8gb each 3600 c16 or less? I need low profile, 34mm is the highest i can get without interfere with the cooler And i hope it wouldn't go above 300 usd
  11. I want to upgrade to 32 gb but at a reasonable price for performance, i would be ok with 32 gb of 3600 c16 or even lower at 250-350 But more then that seams too much
  12. The layout is 288, thats all i know about that I need a lower profile one sens i cant fit everything under the cooler, i want the beat thing at a comfortable price, not at the 300 usd, even 200 is high for me, but i can't find the best thing even to buy at or to my country, the best thing that i found was this https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Memory/VENGEANCE-LPX/p/CMK32GX4M4K3600C16 but i couldn't find it in Amazon if I don't know if there is tax insurance from corsair and the price is very high And i want to upgrade to 32gb But I don't know if my motherboard w
  13. I didn't see both of the ram on the list Only what I've got Will the speed of my ram will be a bottleneck to other upgrades that i will make? Like 4080 or something?