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  1. Hey guys I bought a EVGA FTW3 RTX 3080 and the performance of the card is lower than my 1080ti we tried everything with a friend that has the same card and he gets 80-100 more fps in the same game with the same settings. CPU: i9 9900k GPU: RTX 3080 EVGA FTW3 RAM: 32GB 4000mhz PSU: 850W 80+ Gold
  2. So I decided to upgrade my computer and these are the thing I ordered. I just need someone to approve that these are the right choices. MSI B365M PRO-VH INTEL Core i5 9500F HYPERX Fury 16GB 2400mhz
  3. Alright thank you a lot I will buy that 2x8 kit then I appreciate the help!
  4. Would there be problem if I got a kit that is not 1600mhz?
  5. So I currently have a Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR3 (yes yes I know it's DDR3) 2x4 kit at 1600mhz and would like to get more ram. I was thinking of getting another Corsair Vengeance kit to add to it. It is a DDR3 2x8 kit also at 1600mhz. My question is would it work fine or would I run in to some sort of problem in any way?