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  1. You sir clearly didn't read my first post.
  2. Exactly. You rounded up nicely. Lets compare it to 3900X = BFV (that i play a lot). I will get 9FPS more in 3900x with 3080. (Vs. 4790k and 3080) 3900X is 499€ currently in here. Decent B550 mobo is 150€. DDR4 ram another 100€ = 749€ for 9FPS increase. Currently i'm getting bfv 75ish FPS. 81FPS boost when i upgrade to 3080. This for 740€. Is it worth really to pay 749€ for 9 fps more? I know that 3900X is extreme example but that's the CPU that we can currently compare against.
  3. Then there is something else wrong in your PC. What ram are you running? Also how much CPU usage you got at background? Also what resolution are you running? That link that i posted benchmarked 4790k (Stock) 1440p BFV compared to 3900X (Much more powerfull CPU in theory). Difference was 9FPS. This guy is running 2080ti and is getting 60-70% CPU usage 1080p. 2080ti usage is 96-99%. I know this CPU is OLD, but Intel has slacked the CPU-upgrades over the years. 4xxx-7xxx performance difference aint that much.
  4. Thank you all for your answers. Most answers i get (in this topic) in my local forum or over at Reddit are "Don't bother, its an bottleneck. Update your CPU" REALLY not what i'm looking for. I agree with you. Even if the 3080 runs at 90% of its performance (Worst case scenario i have seen when somebody was running low speed DDR3. (I'm running Dominators 2133mhz CAS10). So even at 90% it's faster that 3070. This is what i'm thinking. 100€ is around the price i would save. But i think it's not worth it to save that. I ordered 1.10 my 3080 TUF and right now there i
  5. First things first: My 4790K is running at 4.8Ghz and i play at g-sync module monitor at 1440p. Bottleneck might be an slight issue but my question: I am from Finland and at local retailer i have locked 3080 TUF for 740€. (I ordered it in 1.10 so might have wait for a while to it to arrive). TehcteamRGB and few others have been making videos about 4790k performance. In 2080ti bottleneck is almost 0%. The GPU runs at 99% most of the times in the games i play at. From TechteamRGB video https://youtu.be/8YaHvh8A9Fw Running RTX 3080 BFV gets 156fps 4790k and 165fps 3900X. Thi
  6. I'm in a same boat as you are. Was running 4770k @4.3. After looking at Gamer Nexus "review" of 4770k in 2020: Decided to "swap" it for 4790K @4.8 (Did find one after month of searching for 150€). In 1440P F1 2020 4790K @4.8 and 2080ti: 10700K: 212 FPS 4790K 4.8: 210 FPS So, 4770K At 4.3-4.4 there is around 10-20FPS bottleneck in 1440p. 1080p the bottleneck becomes ever stronger. IF you can find 4.8 chip and run at 1440p, you can scretch it out to not (mostly) be a bottleneck with 3070. Mind you, in US the prices of 4790k (especially that can run 4.