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  1. So I have 3600 16 gb memory but when I checked my cpu amd ryzen 5 3600x it says it only supports up to 3200 are there any negative effect if I run my memory at 3600?
  2. i have a ryzen 5 3600x 16 gb ram 3600 1050 which am gonna replace by a 3070 i have an gigabyte b550m d3sh a cooler master 650 watt bronzo psu and a deep cool aio cpu utilization is aorund 60-70% and it stay below 62 degrees but the point is 2 days ago my gpu was sitting at 100% utulization in those games and all of a sudden not anymore
  3. I checked and my gpu downclocks itself so I tried removing the temp limit but dint really fix anything now it's at 80%
  4. It can't be my cpu it's a amd ryzen 5 3600x and it also happens in MC which di don't think is cpu heavy it happens on bf5 mc and cod warzobe usually my cpu utilization is beneath 70% I have watched vids where the 5 3600x wasn't bottlenecking a 2080ti in bf5 it coult be my gpu gets to hot but it only get 60 degrees
  5. its only in some games and i dont know if ram had anything to do with it its just after i swapped ram btw is a 1050 pcb with a ram mounted on it its 4 years old coult it be its just dying?
  6. there should be 1 in between and its running in dual i checked
  7. 1 day i swappen my ram from slots b1 and b2 to a1 and a2 because i read it was better then when i saw no difference i swapped it back to b1 and b2 but now my gpu wont go above 75-80% utulization
  8. OK I will look out for that
  9. Idk maybe to little or to much power that's why am asking