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  1. Personally, I'd stick with a monitor to just be safe on the points of having better latency and what not.
  2. yeah, the headphones part with the voice is probably it getting connected to or picking up something other than your music. sounds pretty spooky lol
  3. As its a laptop, all you'll be able to upgrade is the RAM and SSD. https://www.crucial.com/usa/en/compatible-upgrade-for/Acer/aspire-a515-51g
  4. https://www.newegg.com/black-phanteks-enthoo-pro-atx-full-tower/p/N82E16811854003?Description=ssi eeb case&cm_re=ssi_eeb_case-_-11-854-003-_-Product This has 6 3.5 inch bays, 7 2.5 inch bays, and 3 5.25 inch bays, also can fit SSI EEB boards, and it's decently priced as well.
  5. SSI EEB is a motherboard form factor. This will surely take some digging to find. I modded an large ATX case the Deepcool Matrexx 55 to fit a large board.
  6. I agree with @5x5 Look for something a little newer like the i5 8400 used, the i3 8100 is an awesome chip imo.
  7. Now that you say that, it possibly could be your microphone, not your motherboard, what's interesting is how it works for any other motherboard but not your own.
  8. My mistake, whoops. I meant to say that to avoid a lot of these bios updating problems for the new 3rd gen you need to use a x570 board.
  9. Truth to that. Even sometimes their 'better' quality stuff fails, I bought a 750w 80+ Gold PSU and it just up and failed about a day after finally getting it working.
  10. Do what @fasauceomerecommended, ancient bios for a modern chip just doesn't work out.
  11. Use your old CPU to update the bios. This is only really happening because of the new Ryzen CPU's requiring that you're running x570.
  12. Little I can offer here, but it just sounds like you have some junk USB ports. Buying used motherboards can always have hidden problems that the seller didn't tell you about.
  13. jeez... Why are these things even being sold, that thing would just go poof and you've destroyed your entire build. I recommend at least 450w+ and maybe 80+ Bronze at the minimum and stay away from brand names you don't recognize.
  14. Theres little to no chance that you'll get removed/scrubbed from the internet like @jstudrawasaid. Sadly that's just how the internet works, once it's out there it's pretty much permanent.
  15. 70C is acceptable for running benchmarks, what are your temps when you're just gaming? Idle temp is high, I'd adjust your fans to have a harsher curve.
  16. Just get an IBM Model M. I'm joking, keyboards, mice, and headsets are all super subjective on what you desire, like wireless, open back, on-ear/over-ear, etc. I personally prefer Corsair.
  17. possibly change your fan curve, is your card a blower style design or multi fan?
  18. And all of this time we thought Epic would pull ahead with their store.. seems not and they've lost probably some of the best deals they could have ever gotten. Division 2 and Borderlands 3 are most likely going to be very good games, Division 2 in my opinion already is.
  19. Not an expert, but I remember something like this in an LTT video where Linus looked at that 4k monitor that did 120HZ and it needed two Displayport inputs to function.
  20. My biggest fear about this would probably be someone using the information and getting LTT punished because they're giving this information. Also what's to stop some people just coming onto this forum and using the info that people would give on the subforum with malicious intent? <500 posts is just a status and it really can't be verified to someone's good natured-ness.
  21. Sounds like a good idea, i'll have to try it out sometime
  22. If you really need 2gb extra VRAM. Go AMD. My personal recommendation is the 1660, good card and will last you.