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  1. Hello, i would like to ask about airflow in my case. Is back exhaust fan too close to cpu cooler? Should i keep the back exhaust fan in place or remove it ? Its 140mm be quiet shadow Wing. There is approx. 80mm space. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, do you have some experience with 1440p 144hz screen AOC CQ32G1 ? I am thinking about getting one for my gaming. I had only ips screens in past, this one is VA. Do you think its a good choice? A play pretty much everything. I can have this screen for awesome price (it would make it even the cheapest 144hz 1440p screen for me). I also have enough space for 32". Thanks
  3. Hello , i would like to move my pc internals -> i9 9900k, Dark Rock pro 4 from Meshify C to Phanteks p400s ( I already own the case as well). Would thermals be a lot worse ? As the front is not mesh and i wouldnt use mesh at top either. I like the looks of Phanteks p400s also there is a lot more space for gpu. I would use 2x 140 mm shadow wings as front intake and 1x 120mm exhaust. THX
  4. Hello is it safe to mess with the gpu fan curve? My xfx rx 5700xt thicc iii was pretty loud so i lowered fan curve quite a lot in Radeon settings. Now it is pretty quiet. Max temps while gaming with this profile are 82C.
  5. Hello, out of curiosity what would work better at frame sync . If i have freesync monitor which is also gsync compatible. Would sync work better if used freesync with rx 5700 xt or would be better gsync compatible function for example with gtx 1080ti ? Or is freesync and gsync compatible function identical in terms of performace / input lag ? Thanks
  6. Hello bought a new rx 5700 xt but there is sort of micro stutter sometimes in games even though fps are high. I have also GTX 1080ti to try with same setup and it not present with this card. My monitor is lenovo Legion Y27q-20 165hz 1440p Freesync/Gsync compatible. Is there something in radeon setting that could cause it ? New drivers both with gpu / win 10. Uninstalled previous drivers through DDU. Thanks
  7. thanks for the response. So far every fps game i tried did it. Apex, Borderlands, Rage 2. In rage 2 really low FOV almost fixed it , but that low FOV wasnt enjoyable at all. But I will try more games then . Coz otherwise really love the screen its alienware aw3418dw just resizing of objects is very annoying.
  8. thanks for the answer -> default setting as on photos is FOV of 90. Tried pretty much every FOV nothing helps
  9. Hello, i just bought 34" UWQHD 120hz gsync monitor, absolutely love the screen except in gaming not so much I noticed that size of objects change a lot just by moving with mouse ( small in the middle, streched on sides) is there a way how to prevent it ? As you can see the rock is small when its in the middle and big / streched when on side, even though i am standing at the same spot. Or is it specific for ultrawide technology ? Really love the panel but I would have to return it if there is no way arround. THX
  10. Hello, what would be better choice for gaming Acer XB271HU or Dell AW3418DW Alienware ? I would use monitor only for gaming as i aslo have 4k 27" ips for photo editing. My last monitor was the Acer XB271HU which already died (had it since launch). I tried popular lg 27gl850 and srgb variant lg 27gl83a but both makes my yes tired and overall strange feeling which no monitor ever did to me ( no matter what setting + low brightness) i dont know if its coz of lg panel or low contrast. What do you think is better Acer XB271HU or Dell AW3418DW ? thx
  11. Hello, what would be the best choice of 32" 100 hz+ 1440p+ screen ? Budget unlimited. Thank you
  12. Hello, my question is if 3440x1440 ultrawide has more pixels than 2560x1440 monitor does it mean its also sharper ? Something between 4k and quad hd ? THX
  13. Hello. I am about to buy a new 1440p 144hz screen for gaming , I cant decide between 27 " ips flat screen and 32" va curved screen. What do you think is a better choice ? My table is 180x80cm and i my head is arround 105 cm from the LCD. I would use monitor purely for gaming/ web browisng as i have also other 4k ips for my work (photo editing). I play all types of games from multiplayer fps to RPGs and strategies. Did someone experienced both options ? THX
  14. thanks for the answer. I didnt know that next gen is so close. I will wait then. I have GTX 1070ti now