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  1. like it happen but a few month it doesn't BSOD it weird but today and yesterday night was fine i am watching carefully
  2. my Ram was overclcok to 3333mhz now it back to 3200mhZ
  3. Windows 10 Pro Version 1909 Installeed 11/9/2019 x64 Ryzen 5 2600 CMK32GX4M2B3200C16 Ram Asus TURBO-GTX1070-8G Aorus Gaming 5 wifi Thermal take Tough power Grand RGB 850w 80+ Gold https://mega.nz/folder/6j5ylaRB#LV-d_f8jMMIqmq0cL8uPGg Report Files.html Dump file 25/5/2020 Bug Check String MEMORY_MANAGEMENT Check Code 0x0000001a P1 00000000`00003470 P2 ffff8384`b316b000 P3 e95ea222`9eeba681 P4 e95ea222`9eeba689 caused by driver win32kbase.sys dump file 23/5/2020 Bug Check string
  4. Mostly all the big files are from Photoshop and my college work
  5. So should i go find a software and pay for the pro/premium to recovery my Hard drive. $1000USD is $1400AUD is too much and Australia money is horrible ATM Should i just buy a program or will the be risky too? What do i have on is just Photoshop pictures (raw files and everything that does metadata), Other pictures, doc and others stuff last i saw it has 700GB in used
  6. Hi there I have accidentally format the wrong hard drive and i and to recovery with CMD does anyone know the website or command that show me it please post it in the topic thank you IT a Sea gate 2.5 1.5TB External Drive it has important data
  7. but doesnt the first PCI Slot require the the first GPU video card for displays???? and the second PCI Slot ???
  8. When i check on GPU 0 is 1050 ti GPU 1 is 1070 Only the GPU 0 is getting used GPU 1 is 0% doing nothing i did change all the setting :_:
  9. Hi There i have a 1050 Ti and a 1070 1050 TI is for my two display 1070 is for rendering and gaming I need some help to set my 1070 to play games on i went on the Nvidia Control Panel i set the CUDA - GPUS 1070 i have OpenGL readering GPU 1070 is there more? Thanks Please help
  10. yes but i fixed it was a shitty bios update so i downgrade so much i think im on F40 BIOS idk it working now
  11. this happen so i took one out so it 16gb still the same nothing change hardware reserved 0MB when i change slot to D1 to D3 nothing new show up Hardware reserved 0MB