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  1. Just now, TechXero said:

    Yeah I have 10 drives in my main rig. Totalling 80TB approx. Media server as well as my everyday gaming system... The new rig will act as just for redundant storage + Retro Gaming :D

    Well.. you've made my 30TB seem insignificant now.  :)  The case will take 12 drives but the GPU obscure 2-3 of them and I've got 6 plus a bdrom installed.

  2. 1 minute ago, TechXero said:

    I have Prime + UK address so yeah I rarely pay for shipping...

    I'm thinking about rebuilding my mediaserver in the GD08 at the moment... because I'm still running windows 7 on it. Last rebuilt about 6-7yrs ago... so it's time... and a new MB would give me some extra SATA ports for more storage.  :)

  3. On 2/15/2020 at 2:36 PM, norknork1 said:

    Is it possible that cpu temps dropped a little on my 3600x beacuse i installed a new psu (Xilence preformance x  750w  gold plus) ?

    my previous PSU was chieftec 600w eco  and it shows nice 29-33c at idle or browsing .... previously i had temps 31-35c with the chieftec one .

    Possibly... but it's well within a margin of error for ambient temps too. Could be that the new PSU runs a little cooler and is more efficient... but without accurate measuring it's impossible to say for sure.

  4. Just now, TechXero said:

    The GD09B? It's one I was considering. Just seeing if a slimmer one can be found.

    It's about the size of a home cinema amp, not as deep as the GD08 I've got and doesn't have as many storage bays.... But for an extra £18 over the cheapo one mentioned before... I know which one I'd choose.  :)

  5. 2 minutes ago, TechXero said:

    If I had extra to spend I wouldn't be asking. I have recently built my main rig for 1500GBP. Don't really care about airflow as this thing won't do anything except store some sruff and run Retro Games like Retro Console Emulation.

    What about this one?



  6. 28 minutes ago, Vejnemojnen said:

    something similar? 



    Looks decent enough with the included PSU.

    Specs are a little vague on that... and it's got a 350w SPU included and some fans.... I'd expect it to be garbage and you'd need to replace the PSU and fan immediately anyway.... pushing up the cost... What's the clearance for a cooler, can it fit an AIO... this is basic information that's completely missing from the info provided.  :)

  7. 30 minutes ago, TechXero said:

    I am checking. But they are expensive at 145GBP. Need something around 50GBP xD

    Yeah... for £50, you're not gonna find anything decent. My first HTPC was in a cheap case and it was a nightmare for airflow. It's worth spending the extra.

  8. Take a look at the silverstone range... they do some lovely HTPC cases that are full ATX... I've got the GD08 myself and have had it for a few years. It's tall enough for a noctua tower cooler too (but the slightly smaller one). Comes with 3 120mm fans, filters on the bottom and both sides.

  9. It should tell you on the downloads page what the minimum BIOS is required. For my Aorus Pro I think it was F32 that 'MUST' be installed before you try to update beyond that.


    Unless it states otherwise, you should be fine updating from your current to the F31 (if that's the minimum required) and then update to F50... No need to install any extra software, just stick the files on a USB stick, plug it in and hit DEL on post and you can use the built in Q-Flash.


    Also worth checking if your board has the dual bios... which on gigabyte boards is a known issue... where it has a tendency to fall over and revert back to the backup bios.  So keep an eye on that as you'll only be updating one bios, not both.

  10. 23 hours ago, Ironbru said:

    I want a new PC (currently on AMD A4) but now where near enough money. At 14, is there any where I can work ? (UK)

    You can get a part time job in the UK from 14, but it's limited to I think 16hrs a week, and no more than 3hrs a few times during the week and the bulk of it on weekends. The pay is appalling too.  But it's a great way to earn some extra money... and pays much better than a paper round.

  11. 1 minute ago, Bombastinator said:

    There is some argument for a lighted keyboard, and possibly a mouse for playing in the dark, but not an RGB one.

    That's exactly my argument, I don't have the lights on in my home office simply because I have three 27" monitors that throw of a lot of light and on the wall behind me is a 3 metre wide 2.4m tall display unit that has led strip lights on them when needed, as well as my plasma ball and my lava lamp... I rarely have the display unit lights on unless I'm on video chat as it does look cool behind me with all my little toys and stuff on display... like my Good/Evil Ash figures, my Crow figure and my deadpool... as well as an R2 unit, a giant lego super star destroyer on top of it and various other little bits and pieces.



  12. On 2/13/2020 at 9:04 PM, minibois said:

    My confession: I have turned off a lot of my RGB lighting equipment. Or really most LEDs.

    Only my keyboard lights are on. GPU, Mobo, mouse and RAM are all turned off. Pls don't prosecute me.

    I didn't even bother buying anything with RGB... there is some minor illumination on my motherboard (turned off) and there's a logo on my AIO pump which is set to change colour with temps only.


    Aside from that, my keyboard and moused are a mix of red/blue... the KB is all red aside from WASD keys and the very top row, ESC through Pause Break as well as the logo and lighting/lock buttons. My mouse is also red whilst the DPI lights are blue.


    That's it... I refused to buy the AIO with RGB and I purchased non RGB Corsair ML fans.... Don't like it, don;t want it... not paying extra for crap I'll only turn off.


    I just wish they'd offer one with and one without for those of us who don't like it and would rather save some money.

  13. 2 hours ago, lewdicrous said:

    Promises made, promises kept. /s


    You're not the first person to bring this up and you won't be the last, but at this point it's fair to say that they won't change unless their analytics changed first; they'll only change when those titles/thumbnails hurt them.

    A number of us don't like it, but I don't think we're their target audience. (They want to attract new viewers instead of just pleasing existing ones, it seems)


    Whilst I do still watch some of their videos... I use ad blockers and I consider any sponsors unworthy of my money... I also refuse to buy any merch.


    So when they change their methods, I'll reconsider stopping them from earning a single penny from my views.

  14. My first PC built from scratch was about 20yrs ago, but I'd been tinkering and upgrading other systems for a good 8yrs before that. I remember upgrading the memory in an old 386 system from 1mb to 2mb, adding a sound card and having to use custom disks to boot the system for each game. 


    I can't remember the exact specs of my 1st fully built one. But it was an AMD build, I think a Duron CPU that was soon replaced with a T-Bird CPU... I was upgrading my system every few months... more ram, new gpu, larger HDD's and other peripherals.

  15. 2 hours ago, TigerHawk said:

    Oneplus wants to have a word with you.


    The Oneplus One came with Cyanogen as the pre-installed base OS. I had one, and it even had "Cyanogen" engraved on the back of the sandstone grey rear panel. Sadly I sold the phone a few years ago or I would take a picture.


    Late models of the One lost the Cyanogen label, though, and they broke their partnership not long after and Oneplus created OxygenOS instead. 


    I heard of the Essential phone awhile back but never really looked into it. Was it basically an upstart phone maker like OnePlus was ~5-6 years ago but had their own OS?


    Edit: Photo from google. Credit to Oneplus.com


    I'd never heard of that myself, but then again oneplus doesn't seem to be a major brand in my country and I've never actually met anyone who's ever owned one of their phones.


    But it's good to know there were more.... shame that we've not seen any with the 'lineage' CM offshoot OS.

  16. 10 hours ago, TempestCatto said:

    On the floor will accumulate more dust over time. I keep mine behind my main monitor on the table (so the components face me). Lot less dust and never any cooling issues.

    On the floor is fine depending on the floor and how dirty you are...  I've always kept mine on a wheeled platform to the side of my desk and I run the vacuum over the outside of it and clean the filters every couple of weeks.


    I wouldn't advise putting it on carpet, but wood/laminate floors will be fine all you have to do is keep the room clean. It won't get any more 'dusty' than anything else... if you can't be bothered to keep your room clean... you'll never have a really clean computer.


    Another factor could be the case itself... If it's got any fans/filters on the bottom make sure there's  enough room for airflow underneath.

  17. 6 hours ago, dizmo said:

    Doesn't change the fact it's true. Also, don't really care what you think 🤷‍♂️

    Oh change the record FFS, all you ever do is hate on amd... it's really the worst kind of fanboi crap that pollutes these kinds of threads... you're utterly incapable of accepting any other point of view that doesn't fit with your own narrow minded blinkered view.

  18. 10 hours ago, Levent said:

    That wasnt surprising. I mean take a look at Cyanogen, they only did software and lasted a year or so.

    Cyanogen was around for a long time, but it was always an enthusiast thing. There's only one phone range that ever came pre-installed with it... and that was Wileyfox. Their phones were actually really good and the privacy settings were way ahead of anything else.  I actually owned one for a few years... Sadly the company also suffered from a lack of sales outside of the more knowledgeable of the UK's tech community.

  19. 6 hours ago, IAcKI said:





    New powers will be given to the watchdog Ofcom to force social media firms to act over harmful content.

    Until now, firms like Facebook, Tiktok, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter have largely been self-regulating.

    The companies have defended their own rules about taking down unacceptable content, but critics say independent rules are needed to keep people safe.

    It is unclear what penalties Ofcom will be able to enforce to target violence, cyber-bullying and child abuse.

    There have been widespread calls for social media firms to take more responsibility for their content, especially after the death of Molly Russell who took her own life after viewing graphic content on Instagram.

    Later on Wednesday, the government will officially announce the new powers for Ofcom - which currently only regulates the media, not internet safety - as part of its plans for a new legal duty of care.

    Ofcom will have the power to make tech firms responsible for protecting people from harmful content such as violence, terrorism, cyber-bullying and child abuse - and platforms will need to ensure that content is removed quickly.

    They will also be expected to "minimise the risks" of it appearing at all.


    Seems just another nail in the coffin of Internet freedom. How a board are going to be able to decide if something is offensive to people is beyond me. Seems old hats trying to make the internet like traditional media. OFCOM already remove adverts from air after very few complaints from 'career moaners'. All we can ope is they're a little more lenient when it comes to this regulation; only removing terrorism videos etc.

    In theory it's a good idea and something I've been advocating for many years... But as usual in this country I expect the regulations to be basically toothless and ineffective... mostly due to the lack of funding for the regulators to pursue and take action against these companies with bottomless pockets of money to try and wriggle out or and around the rules.


    One thing that needs to be set in stone... unlimited fines... because the only way to force these companies to act is to hurt what matters the most to them... money.  if they let a million people see something that should have been removed or never allowed to be uploaded/posted... take them to the cleaners and make it so unprofitable to flout them.

  20. 3 hours ago, Ravendarat said:

    Im banking on a cap in the psu

    Possibly, and the system will still run... until it needs to actually use that part of the electronics.... then it'll shut down again and possibly damage other things.


    Had a capacitor leak on a motherboard... worked fine until it would randomly shut down when you started doing very specific kinds of tasks that pushed a certain part of the system harder.