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    Raleigh, NC
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    Ryzen r7 1700 @ 3.8ghz
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    MSI b350m Mortar Artic
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    16gb @ 3066mhz
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    PNY 1060 6gb XLR8
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    Fractal Design meshify C
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    1tb Samsung evo ssd + 256gb samsung 830 ssd + 2tb hdd
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    EVGA 750w Supernova g3
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    Samsung 27" CHG70 1440p QLED Monitor

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  1. I use an old walmart PC as a footrest.
  2. ive bought refurbs from newegg in the past and wow never saw packaging this pathetic
  3. honestly there is so little risk in overclocking if its not extreme with bad cooling... Its free performance, might as well give it a go. Do some benchmarks before and after to give you an idea if it truly helped at all.
  4. Well the one id recommend would be the Samsung 27" CHG70 1440p QLED Monitor... going for $449 on amazon right now... Just got one of these and its pretty amazing. The curve and size is perfect, immersive, the biggest potential downside is the big ass stand it has, but if you got the deskspace for it, the stand gives the display alot of range/motion. The HDR on the display i could take or leave, hdr content on pc and games is hit or miss really. But yea, i came from a 23 inch 1080p monitor and this was such a big leap. and its 144hz as well. Also works with gsync as well. Do not have much experience with 1080p 144hz displays so cannot comment on that one.
  5. if we are talking internals, for me its usually my harddrives/ssds that just keep moving build to build... till i broke the connector on it, had an old 40gb sata drive from several builds back..usually my psu as well as i usually get one that will last a good while.
  6. honestly i hate the design of it, ill probably hold off.. i got a one x that does 4k gaming and streaming.. itll tide me over for a good while
  7. every few years or when it starts to get too slow, last one i had for like 3 years.
  8. mostly gaming/youtube/movies. It Also hosts a network drive that my other devices and xbox can access that has a ton of tv/movies on it. Occasionally dabble in video editing.
  9. its amusing to me that youtube TOS changes makes headlines, it may very well be the only site on the internet where people actually do anything but delete the email
  10. compressed air for the motherboard and fans, cloth for the flat surfaces
  11. it hasnt changed in ages that ive notice, just never cared for it also always seems to be a slight lag to it when browsing which is beyond annoying to me also had issues with updates and downloads getting stuck which isnt so much a UI issue but a client issue that took several restarts to get to finish.. Either way mostly only used origin for dragon age and mass effect really
  12. If origins UI wasnt so awful IMO it wouldnt be so bad to use... but im glad they are back on steam
  13. for me it depends, my case i like the fractal design style these days, more minimal, but monitors/keyboards even desk chair can have more of a "gamer" style to it for me as long as its not crazy overboard. If we are talking about laptops and mobile devices, id never buy one for gaming so i prefer them to look cleaner/minimalistic. Hell my phone is pretty much for youtube/texting/facebook
  14. got my current rig, an old crappy walmart pc sitting in the corner, my dell inspiron 6000 laptop running win xp...and enough parts to build another rig(amd phenom cpu) lol and ofc my samsung tablet.
  15. for me, it was back in the mid 90s when i was a kid, we really didn't have any home computers till my father brought home from work an IBM computer running dos with those 5.25 floppy drives. Been fascinating with computers(and eventually all tech/science) ever since.