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    Raleigh, NC
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    Ryzen r7 1700 @ 3.8ghz
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    MSI b350m Mortar Artic
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    16gb @ 3066mhz
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    PNY 1060 6gb XLR8
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    Fractal Design meshify C
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    1tb Samsung evo ssd + 256gb samsung 830 ssd + 2tb hdd
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    EVGA 750w Supernova g3
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    1080p acer monitor

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  1. DesolationGod

    What EXACTLY did Huawei do?

    What i find funny about this whole "spying" thing is people actually believe that the Chinese government gives a damn about whats on 99.99% of your phones... the only people they would care about is those with security clearances and corporate execs, and most of those wouldn't be buying some Chinese phone anywho...In reality this is just another deranged move from the current US administration whether its to slow down the companies growth or what who knows the real motive.
  2. DesolationGod

    Best story game you've played?

    Mass effect series Life is strange The walking dead series telltale Farcry 5 Dragonage inquistion has a decent story but i dont like the wall it puts up and forces you into side quests
  3. DesolationGod

    Pair of AMD Navi GPU's to be shown at Computex

    eh honestly at those price points id probably just go with nvidia...really wish AMD would actually become competitive but lets be real if these new cards are merely on par with nvidias cards which have been out for months at that point, have similar or higher prices, and dont have ray tracing... what motivation outside of diehard fanboys does anyone have to buy them?
  4. DesolationGod

    How long do you use your pcs?

    For me i look to get a few years out of each, not 10 obviously but 3-5 perhaps without a full rebuild. For me Ill try to get a CPU in a new build thatll last 3-5 years(maybe more) and just upgrade the gpu when fps starts dipping on newer games... Honestly if my last mobo hadnt died on me id probably still be on my 3570k just with a new gpu lol
  5. while most of these vulnerabilities will never affect normal users in a real way, its still amusing the endless hits intel has been taking on this front lately
  6. DesolationGod

    Have you ever seriously damaged your phone?

    its rare these days but i used to do flooring installs so a cracked screen was not uncommon then lol
  7. DesolationGod

    dual RTX ti’s Or one

    sli is more for show then it is for practicality... SLI is useless in most games
  8. DesolationGod

    US Senate Against Lootboxes and Pay2Win Micro-Transactions

    while it would be nice to see some action taken against these practices, this will never see the light of day in the senate let alone the rest of congress
  9. DesolationGod

    What convinced you to switch from Console to PC?

    nothing convinced me to switch, i got a ps4, wii u, snes and i got a gaming pc...true gamers dont limit themselves...as more games become play anywhere if microsoft has their way, console may become pointless, but sometimes the ease of a console it just nice, plus sports games dont really come to pc aside from madden and thats only recent
  10. DesolationGod

    Why Is It So Common To Hate On Fortnite

    battle royale itself is just a boring genre that is only amusing in short bursts, that said my hate for fortnite is the building... IMO that crap has no place in any type of mass shooter... its annoying as hell... for me there are better, more fun battle royales like ring of elysium or apex legends but even those get stale
  11. my motherboard is on the list so im happy... while upgrading to the 500 series would be nice, saving a little money from a board and getting a better cpu is preferable lol
  12. DesolationGod

    Gtx 1060 3gb Vs gtx 1050ti

    between just those two, the 1060 is the clear winner hands down, the 1gb of extra vram the 1050 has wont compesate for the much worse gpu... that said there are far better options for a budget that would save you money in the long run by not having to upgrade too soon, rx 570 or 580 would be best really for that price range, if your set on one of those get the 1060
  13. You sure your gpu works and its just not displaying? if its not gpu then my guess would be as dylan said mobo or cpu.. also if you normally get post beeps, the culprit may well be your motherboard... i mean bad ram will likely give you a post beep and its rare cpus are defective or bad without it being cause by a person. Could be your psu but only way to test that would be to connect yours to a different pc
  14. honestly i dont see the point in linux for gaming if you already have windows 10, dont get me wrong i like linux as an OS but until its as seemless as windows at playing any modern game, i just dont see a reason to switch.
  15. DesolationGod

    Is it too late to get into this game?

    no... game is not released yet, its in alpha and will be(at least the online portion) for several more years. So you can buy a $45-60 package and be set for the PU and sq42(single player game). Just know its very much alpha and who knows when or if itll ever be finished to the level that was promised several years ago. At the least tho youll be set to play sq42 single player game when it released late 2020/early 2021. As for PC spec, i would not be too worried about that to play SC, much of the performance issues is related to the network code that is in an ongoing state of development.