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  1. Well, this is a pickle! I just upgraded my boot SSD and all is going fine, except one thing. I have my dropbox on my secondary hard drive, and I want to reinstall it. So I download the installer and chose the path to my old dropbox. The preferences window tells me that I can't put my dropbox folder there because there is already a dropbox directory in that location. No problem, I try and delete the folder and figure it will just re-sync everything. No bueno: it won't delete the folder. Okay, FINE... I guess I have to uninstall the program to clear out any access issues. So uninstall, and reboot for good measure. Still can't uninstall one of the folders... so I try to take ownership of it and nothing seems to be able to force it's way through this stupid folder. I even tried some dumb force delete program and it just tells me that the deletion failed. I tried to follow along with a command prompt guide, but the steps didn't line up for me so i wasn't able to follow along, but i am willing ot try again if someone can explain it better. The location is just "B:\Dropbox"
  2. Well, first off, don't try and turn it back on until you've put the CPU cooler back on. But beside that, is your monitor waking up when you turn on the computer or is it staying a sleep state? If it is waking up and showing black, that would lead me to believe that you need to set your video display out to the GPU. you could also try hooking it up to a TV hdmi instead of to a monitor and see if you get anywhere with that (it would be a step in the right direction). Also, are any error beeps coming out of it?
  3. I finally got it fixed. It was a matter of the Network adapter reverting to 100 mbit rather than gigbit. To solve this I forced it through the dropdown menu in the device. Device manager--> right click the network adapter--> "properties" from the drop down menu--> "Advanced" tab --> scroll down to "speed and duplex" --> then a drop down menu for the value is to be set to "1.0 gbps Full Duplex'. I didn't even have to reboot any of the hardware. I also disabled the "energy efficient Ethernet" in the same menu.
  4. I searched around the forum, but nobody is having the issue I am. I bought new router a few months back, and the transfer speeds were about 100-120 MB/second over my wired connection between my FreeNAS box and my computer. Then suddenly one day they dropped to about 9-10 per second. I thought it was very odd and so I rebooted all three units (router, NASbox and computer) and everything was fine.but then after a while (hours, not days) everything was slow again. I have found out that I only have to reboot my router to return the speeds to normal, so I expect that it must be a setting in my router (especially since I never had this problem with my old router). Any idea of what I should be looking around in the settings for?
  5. Try removing your video card and anything else that is on your Northbridge chip beyond the raid card. You are splitting resources and bottlenecking in your PC. That's my guess. But it's just a guess.
  6. Thanks for your help. I didn't have the ability to enter the old mac address because the option was a drop down menu of addresses, but I selected one of them and now it is working perfectly. I have been up and running for about 30 minutes.
  7. I bought a new router (the Motorola MR2600) and hooked it up to my cable modem (SB6141). All the lights lit up on both devices and I was going great... for exactly 30 seconds. Then my internet craps out. My NAS box is still accessible but my wired and wifi connections are all off the internet (but still going strong along the local network). All the indicator lights on both devices are still acting normal, but digging a little deeper into my new router I see that the IPv4 connection is "limited connectivity". There is an option to renew the connection, which works when it click it, but goes back out after 30 seconds and after another 30 seconds the status changes to "limited connectivity" again for the IPv4. IPv6 has never connected, but I found out that my modem is IPv4 only (it says so when I enter its GUI) so that is not a surprise. I hooked my old router back up to the same modem and power it up and the problem is non-existent. Based on the fact that I can renew the connection without having to reboot or anything, I am lead to believe it is a time-out setting of something somewhere in the router. Everyone else that has reviewed this router has mentioned nothing like this happening. They all say that they just plug it in and it works great. I am going to try calling the customer service number when I am next off work, but do you guys have any idea what might be up?
  8. I am planning on buying a router to replace my current one (it has started to randomly fail) but want to make sure that the my wired devices will be able to fully use the 1000M they are cable of. I am only looking at routers with 10/100/1000M LAN ports, but will some of them perform better than others or does a higher price tag only improve performance of wireless transmission speeds? My ultimate goal is to get a router with wireless strong enough to get my through for a few months in my small apartment until I close on my house where I will do a wifi mesh (which will be wired to the router, another reason I care so much about the LAN ports). I currently have a NAS box that is very frequently accessed by two laptops and a desktop, so this isn't just a "I want it to work fully for the sake of working fully" scenario.
  9. Sorry for the long pause, and thanks for your help fellas (if that's not gender bias, I don't know what is...) The model is a Linksys EA2700. Update: Apparently everyone on Newegg hates this thing.
  10. This is odd... our internet works fine and dandy when anybody is using it EXCEPT for one device: my boyfriend's macbook. As soon as he opens it after getting home from work each night, our entire network comes crashing to a halt. Then after about 90 seconds our router comes back up and the wifi signal is detetcted by all devices and life goes on as it should (including the macbook). This started happening when we moved to a new apartment and got a new ISP. We are saving a bit of money by using my Linksys router I've had in a box for a few years. (I can't remember if it has a history of problems or not) What sort of information do we need to figure out what is going on with this?
  11. My boyfriend has a mac and all is well with him being able to read/write to our FreeNAS box. We have only run into one little problem: despite the OS being able to see it as a viable backup drive, time machine can't. All the settings in the NAS box are set to enable Time Machine and third party programs for backing up are able to use the drive (but they all are free trials that were downloaded just to test this). Any ideas what's up with this?
  12. Hold on, pump the breaks... before you go buying another card try the integrated graphics first. Your computer has a single display port on the main rear panel. Plug into that and see if it is any better. Of course you will need to lower your game settings for this but at least you will be able to find out if it is a software or hardware based problem. Bonus note: your first instinct for a sudden onset problem is never to update to the latest graphics drivers. If something DID work and suddenly doesn't, you reinstall things to the condition they used to be in, not introduce newer variables into the problem.
  13. Here how i fixed it (thanks badreg): Entered BIOS and although XMP was not a selectable option for me (the drop down menu as shown in my user manual simply wasn't there) I was able to relax the timings to the cas latency as printed on my ram sticks (from asus auto detect putting them at 8-8-8-20 to patriot's factory specs of 9-9-9-24.) when I changed the frequency from 1066 to 1333. but I also had to increase the voltage from 1.5 to 1.6 (1.5 being the factory and 1.6 just being raised because when I only relaxed the cas latency and bumped up the frequency it entered windows but then failed immediately) Thanks for your help, guys and gals.
  14. Ok. cool. So, do I just need to turn on XMP and it will adjust the timings and voltage for me or do I need to do all three things manually? There is no danger of me turing on XMP and also upping the voltage, and then the XMP also upping it causing them to burn up, is there?
  15. It's at 1.5 volts. And, believe me, I don't want to underclock it. The system won't start up unless it is underclocked.