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    I'm starting an ice cream truck. Follow your dreams.


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    Core i7-4770k 3.50 GHz
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  1. Nope, there is nothing more to it. It's really just that simple as long as your total resolution is 7,680 x 4,320 or less.
  2. I'm sure that your reasons satisfy you, but tell us more about why you want that particular combo.
  3. and here we go off the deep end. That mobo SPECIFICALLY states it will not accept ECC ram (page 15 of the English v1.1 manual), as do the manuals of nearly every board released to the masses. Outside of server boards, ECC ram is usually not supported. If you are lucky, you waste your money on a feature that you can't enable, if you are unlucky: the system won't boot at all. Don't buy ecc ram for consumer boards.
  4. In theory, no. Because that port is not "expecting" a mass storage device.
  5. I will be buying two identical laptops (at the same time from the same vendor) to run some controller software. I also intend to wipe them of all the bloatware that comes preloaded from the manufactures, but that means I run the risk of needing to hunt down drivers. Now, most manufactures- websites have most drivers fro most of their equipment, but sometimes not. Is it possible for me wipe laptop A and then extract the drivers needed from laptop B, then wipe laptop B and got the drivers from laptop A? If so, where and how?
  6. Drop Adobe reader and get Foxit Reader. Also OBS is great for screen capturing.
  7. I hear about all these folks on here building systems with 30x0 GPUs, spending anywhere from 800-2000 on graphics cards, then putting them into systems with i5 CPUs. Am I missing something here or does that seem a little off course? Why spend so much on a graphics card that gives you 15% increase over cards half the price (or less) but not spend the extra hundred or two to get more horsepower outta your CPU? I can't be the only person prioritizing FLOPS over FPS? Or am I just a curmudgeon?
  8. Sounds like a cable is loose or going bad. try a different cable/port on your graphics card.
  9. If the issue is based on TIME that leads me to believe it is more related to heat than settings. Just because your temps are 'fine" doesn't actually mean that the components aren't under clocking. Depends on how good the components are. Settings that tell things to slow down rather than burn out may have been activated.
  10. Dude, that is AWESOME! I hope you enjoy it.
  11. meh... I hit 207 F every once in a while and I've never had a problem.
  12. Are you overclocking any aspect of your system?
  13. Good news: if it is a server issue (their fault) you can get your money back (as long as you meet the minimum system specs listed for each game)! Bad news: doesn't actually solve your problem. Uhm.. tell me more about how they "abandoned" your ticket and why you are letting them do that? Sounds like you need to be more assertive to a 71 BILLION dollar company. You have bought at least two of their games, you are a repeat customer that they WILL lose if they don't help you fix this problem. Rather than calling tech support, try customer support: they are really good at trying to fi
  14. the polar pattern of a microphone isn't adjustable in settings. It is a result of the physical components of the mic. If you can choose a setting to remove pickup from only certain areas, the mic must contain multiple cardiods which would interfere with each other to result in lower sound quality. My advice to the OP would be to buy an omnidirectional mic designed/marketed to choirs or other musical ensembles.