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  1. None of those are bad choices. You will be happy with any of those.
  2. Have you tried a different OS yet? The windows command line shutdown is probably pretty similar to the shutdown processes of just hitting shutdown from the start menu.
  3. hmmm... Try shutting down from something other than the windows OS. Get a LiveUSB of linux and try shutting down from that environment. if it shuts down properly, we can assume the problem is a software issue within windows. If it doesn't then it is likely hardware.
  4. I'm all for the look you are going for, But just be careful about static buildup. If you have fan blades (synthetic plastics) whirling around you will eventually build up static against the PVC piping. Fans themselves are fine because they have a grounding component (metal screws going into the grounded case) but a free floating PVC pipe is basically going to become a giant capacitor building up electrical charges over time until it has enough juice to jump to the nearest of your costly components. PVC piping is REALLY prone to building up static charge.
  5. an SM58 is probably a good place for the OP to start, but a don't go cheap on the cable. You'll be hard pressed as it is to get a good signal going into a 3.5mm jack.
  6. It is also posible that you have the "power on by ### (LAN, USB,ect.) option checked in your BIOS. Take a look there and see if anything like that is marked. If so, then any of those devices could be causing your computer to stay on.
  7. Go with FreeNas. If you set it up correctly, it makes you invulnerable to ransomware. Use the built-in Snapshots feature. it also protects you against user-caused deletion of data.
  8. Yes, this is correct, however FreeNas and many other NAS OS's have minimum specs and 8 gigs of ram is one of those minimum specs.
  9. Also, what was the issue you were having that made you need to update the BIOS?
  10. It will downclock. I buy ram that is faster than my mobo as a rule of thumb, since it is usually something i under clock routinely.