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    I'm starting an ice cream truck. Follow your dreams.


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    Core i7-4770k 3.50 GHz
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  1. I looked at his/her youtube channel adn don't see the videos. Can you post a few links?
  2. you think the number pad is a waste of space.... you should see my keyboard. I have the Merc Stealth: https://steelseries.com/blog/steelseries-discontinued-gaming-keyboards-130
  3. So, several years ago I had a boss who was... not cheap, he just didn't really love giving away free things. But he was pressured into providing free wifi at the store by his wife and us employees. So he did. But it was dial up. Now that I am older and smarter, I know that you can't have wif with a dial up modem. But he did it some how. So now this begs the question of HOW? Anyone have any idea how you could have dialup internet broadcast over wifi? I'm sure it has something to do with bridging networks.
  4. Everything you have said sounds great. You don't even need us!
  5. My husband like synology, so two votes there. but you still need a local copy of your files: still need a NAS.
  6. Well, it seems like it could work, as long as you are certain of which pin is your neutral and which pins are each color. The mobo manual will tell you which is which and the item description probably tells you what each pin on the led tape is. Just be careful of how many leds you put in there, the more LEDs you use, the more power you are running through your mobo.
  7. Have you tried plugging it into the front or rear USB port? What about going old school and using the USB 2 ports? The computer sees USB port 1 as a totally different device than USB port 2, and sometimes when things go a little crazy it treats them like they are radically different things. Also, remove any USB extensions from the chain (I mean extensions like a 3 foot extension, not extensions like programming) Does it work on a different computer? If it works elsewhere than we are in a good spot to figure out why your computer is different.
  8. I usualyl get about 5 years or so out of my hhds, but that is pretty intense usage.
  9. That is a lot of power going through a single cable. Just because a hub has 6 connections doesn't mean it is really built to support that. A lot of time, the cheap manufacturing banks on you only plugging in a few things at a time and never expects (read that as "is not built to sustain") every port being filled.
  10. wait... mobos come with warranties? I had never even imagined that. I always just assumed that when they broke I was SOL.
  11. I use FreeNas and I really like it. It uses ZFS raid, which if you configure properly makes you immune to both user deletion/overwrite and ransomware. You setup "snapshots" to do this. I used mostly old hardware to build my box (the first time) then I decided that I use it so much that it was worth investing and building properly. I have six 2tb drives configured as RAIDz2 (which allows the failure of two drives simultaneously) to give me a usabel storage of 8 TB. My first build was raidz1 which only allowed one drive to fail, but I decided better safe than sorry. The boot drive is a
  12. Why are you looking for an alternative? Did I miss something? Did something happen while I was out?