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  1. Same issue !, and yesterday it finally killed my PC.
  2. So, Just about to finish my World Of Warcraft (I wanted to try the game for so long), browsing a couple of pages, Suddenly, everything stops working, mouse not moving, no freezing sound, but everything just froze After few minutes, the PC turned off with no idea what happened So I tried turning the PC back on, but. No response, after a couple of tries, it finally boot BUT with a message saying "there is no boot device, please plug in...) i freaked out, it was working with windows a few moments ago, I noticed a few things... 1.My mouse and keyboard RGB LED don't instantly light up like always after pressing the power button (infact, the keyboard led stays on even when the computer off), now it takes like 20 secs to light up and the message show 2.When any drive is plugged the power button takes a few seconds to turn off, if all drives are unplugged, the moment i touch power button it turns off & I can access bios without any problems (but the late light up still occurs) So I tried playing around with my drives, I unplugged all of the side drives and now only the main one with the OS is there, when I try to power it up it doesn't display anything, when i remove it (no drives plugged) It does display the bios but that's it Everytime a drive is plugged it doesn't show anything This is the weirdest problem I've encountered Here is some info for help: 1.i use HDMI 2.everything is powred and working (cpu fan, GPU) 3. I choosed the mx500 to have my OS because of it's durability and life 4. Nothing displays when any drive is plugged 5.My keyboard and mouse light up very late, which is weird 6. My mobo is quite old (z77-d3h rev1.1) so maybe its the problem 7. My gpu is Gigabyte GTX 760 (2) 8. My cpu is I5-3470 (non k) 9. I didn't update the bios, still on the one it came with What i think is that something happened in the mobo since its old and like dusty I need help, i was about to play with my friends for the first time (finally they built a PC) Thank you for your time (sorry for my bad english ❤)
  3. This I literally built my friend's PC a few hours ago, and I found out he had the M.2 in the second slot, which (-after reading the manual and being careful-) that the slot is M.2 SATA (not NVMe) and it shares bandwidth with other SATA drives
  4. Best bet I see (in case he doesn't send it back): Tell him you will come to his location to see him repairing the laptop and enter the password (if that considered a thing) if he refused to tell you his location that will be another giveaway If you managed to meet him IRL, just take the laptop and walk away (if proven he is shady or not real customer support) This maybe a bad solution but the only thing I came up with
  5. all i know is; if 1 of the drives fail then... rip data So if it's all games... maybe? but I'd recommend buying 1 more drive to archive all the data like daily, weekly... etc
  6. Hi, so yeah since I love AE, I found that making a motion graphic is easy but somewhat time-consuming I made a quick 10 secs full motion graphics (as I'm practicing & trying to make it better) So since I want to buy a high-end 2 rigs, I wanted to save some money.... & I found out that motion graphics are very valuable for companies So the question is; How can I find clients that pay a somewhat good amount on a 60-sec motion graphic (keep in mind I'm working by myself + I can provide smooth animations) And for any tips I'd be grateful, thank you
  7. Well i just need that ram, projects are crashing on my 16GB system, and no it isn't an excuse, thanks
  8. Well, after effects don't seem to love more cores, most of my work is on it + 64 ram gets eaten easily fast and i have lots of background programs opened, also i have kinda of a high budget so i want the best performance i could get for it
  9. That's great, but here comes the second problem, the kits I can only find 8 * 16 ram kits but no 4*32 kits The only solution I can see is buying 4* 32 alone not as kits, but I'm afraid about combability and such
  10. Ok, i was aiming at 64gb at first but i found out that the i9-9900k supports 128GB. And yes having 128gb is very helpful for my work The thing is, i couldn't find any mobo that supports more than 64gb ram, all of them are 64gb max, And also since i9-9900k only accepts 4 sticks (dual channel), I couldn't find any 4*32 kits, I tried searching everywhere (Amazon, Newegg.. etc) So what am i missing thank you
  11. if you could make it to the desktop, try and open the CMD, I don't think it would work since you disabled writing rights, but worth a shot
  12. so I love using after effects, for some reason, Primer Pro users find it hard & complicated (while for me it's very easy) So my question is, what is the best possible PC build for After Effects, (i don't care about the price unless it doesn't go above $3500) I want a beast workstation, so every little detail is important and btw, it would a lot better if you can explain why you picked specific parts Thank you for your time
  13. Thanks, for the replay But something caught my attention, why the quad channel memory, I thought 8-channel memory is even better (my thought = the more, the better)
  14. So, i got this PC used for like $250, well the price to performance was great: i5-3470 GTX 760 2GB VRAM 16GB RAM (DDR4) A mobo from Gigabyte which is barely alive NO storage 600 Bronze PSU (i think it's called supernova or something) So the thing is, while this rig is great for gaming, recently, I haven't been playing that much, but even better, I was playing with After effects At first, i had 500GB HDD which I stole from my brother's PS4 (lol), and i guess you know how After effects ran on that HDD So after that, I knew the CPU was the bottleneck & also the HDD (literally the thing maximum reads were like 30MB/s lmaoo), I just needed to make sure that the CPU was the bigger "bottlenecker", So with time passing I managed to get MX500 500GB SSD (i wanted the best 2.5 SSD I can find to avoid problems), and when I installed it. this PC felt like a rocket compared to the old HDD, when i opened After effects (which is %10000 better than when i had that HDD) it started to lag on Bigger projects (i use LOTS of effects, so my ram and CPU are really working as hard as they can, and no,i don't use 3D stuff so the GPU is relaxed mostly) (Keep in mind i always edit in 1080p) And now, since I love After effects (Idk why everyone hates it, I just love it to death), I want the best, smoothest real-time playing PC Build, that can handle very big projects, so here's a build I just made after a quick research (ofc i won't buy it now, i did it for some fun): i9-7940X, while I know after effects love higher speeds than more cores, for some reason, this CPU has the best performance compared to others RTX 2060, I need a good card, but definitely, I don't need the best one Asus mobo, I'm focusing on Asus because of their aura's lighting 960 EVO (500GB), for the best real time play back smothness, also i will add my 2.5 SSD, and it will be for storing & caching (maybe i will make 960 EVO the caching drive) my projects DEFINITELY 64 GB of ram (DDR4 ofc) or maybe even 128, but most impotantly, their speeds will be around 3600+ i have a monitor and other preohiples so the PC is all i need So what do you think about my build?, i just did it for some fun (sorry for bad english)