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  1. Personally, I think the word "Luxury" is very Subjective For some, An expansive sports car is a luxury. to some others, Having any form of a car rather than a cycle is a luxury (especially on 3rd world country), and for me, (If I work) Being able to go the bathroom while in work is a luxury
  2. Definitely don't cheap out on the PSU, Even a good 650 would be way better which I think you can find for almost the same price or a bit higher Check the reviews and judge yourself
  3. Seeing that you picked the XT for higher clocks, why not go for Intel 10700k?, yes I've said it but hear me out, it's the same price and has faster clocks and you have also picked one of the best coolers in the market for it already, so you could overclock it to maybe 5Ghz easily (even to 5.2 if you have some experience, since I read people have reached that) and you might get 1-10fps in terms of game performance, there are a lot of factors that determine how many fps you gain (For example, in lower resolutions like 1080p you will notice higher and wider fps gap, but in higher resolutions like
  4. Lots of programs use GPU acceleration, such as chrome, to smooth the work out (you can try disabling it in settings to see the difference), Discord... etc in my experience, it really did make a bit of difference working around many programs, especially visually, but yeah, probably not worth the $150, sorry
  5. First I'd suggest to check her usage, For example, if she does a lot of office work and such, you obviously would focus on the CPU and a little bit of SSD to speed it up (altho not this much, maybe put some of that into the CPU or an HDD for capacity) Maybe throw a cheap graphics card just in-case (something like $150) if it really doesn't matter you can skip it feels like a terrible advice to be honest The only thing I'm noticing is that the motherboard is kinda on the cheap side, If it covers all the features you need and you are sure it will be a quality, then don't change
  6. Oh and I will check compatibility such as If I needed to update the mobo bios or not to use the I3 directly
  7. yeah I tried ubuntu server [18.04] (which I didn't realize was bare bones command shell, I thought it was that system with ui and all) and I hooked it with my PC via FTP server & PuTTY, also installed some stuff such as openj9, added paths, (And I really enjoyed playing around it), it worked great for me (I tried it on amazon aws) but, I still have many functionally questions, such as how to run multiple instances and control them (because minecraft server console gets in the way of typing commands.. etc.) which im pretty sure I just need some tutorials and it will be easy, I will try to u
  8. I will look into that but probably will stick to the non-f CPU, it's better for me and my other usages, thanks for the suggestions tho
  9. As I said, adding to that, I don't want any lag, but even if it's overkill, It's pretttty cheap especially for 100 bucks and for what I intend to use Also, Wouldn't 300 mods be much more heavy than 80 mods and when players chunk load a lot (exploring)? as I said i will ran many instances at once (maybe maximum 4 just to be safe on the CPU cores) edit: I love to be kinda overkill to be honest, I don't want my CPU to be at %99 usage all the time and %70- 80 would the best, especially with many machines and big stuff I'm still deciding, I thought about Ubuntu server but I
  10. Actually, looks like the 9100 non-f is the cheapest high ranking CPU on the list I guess it's worth the $40 investment then, epsecially since adding a Video card would be much more expansive
  11. Just to be sure, Does this mean it wouldn't get crazy hot even if it was "turboing"? Oh I didn't see that, it would've been bad I dont need a GPU at all for my purpose, so im not sure about the extra $40, but at this point shouldn't I go with same-priced but better CPU on cpubenchmark list?
  12. So I want to make PC Build that is dedicated to being a server, most of the time, modded minecraft And what helps the decision is that there aren't any hosting providers that is close to our area (Saudi Arabia) that can give us under 100 ping, not terrible but not that great either Here's the build I came up with: PCPartPicker Part List CPU: Intel Core i3-9100F 3.6 GHz Quad-Core Processor ($78.00 @ B&H) Motherboard: Gigabyte B365M DS3H Micro ATX LGA1151 Motherboard ($74.99 @ B&H) Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws Series 16 GB (4 x 4 GB) DDR4-2666
  13. Same issue !, and yesterday it finally killed my PC. ?
  14. So, Just about to finish my World Of Warcraft (I wanted to try the game for so long), browsing a couple of pages, Suddenly, everything stops working, mouse not moving, no freezing sound, but everything just froze After few minutes, the PC turned off with no idea what happened So I tried turning the PC back on, but. No response, after a couple of tries, it finally boot BUT with a message saying "there is no boot device, please plug in...) i freaked out, it was working with windows a few moments ago, I noticed a few things... 1.My mouse and keyboard RGB LED
  15. This I literally built my friend's PC a few hours ago, and I found out he had the M.2 in the second slot, which (-after reading the manual and being careful-) that the slot is M.2 SATA (not NVMe) and it shares bandwidth with other SATA drives