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    Mid Western USA
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    Networking, PC building, Programing, Gaming, Hobby YouTube Channel
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    Currently in school for Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, And Computer Engineering.. Programming and more.... Studying for my CCNA Certification on the side... Always busy...
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    Self Employed


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    AMD Ryzen 5 2600
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    MSI x470
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    G.Skill Flare X 16GB
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    XFX AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 8GB
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    Good Question? ask my friends father who gave me the case...
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    Samsung 860 SSD
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    CORSAIR - CX-M Series 650W ATX12V 2.4/EPS12V 2.92 Modular Power Supply
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    Just a Samsung Monitor
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    AC Infinity AXIAL 1225
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    Xcellon KU-MB100B
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    Logitech B100
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    Onboard Audio
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    Windows 10

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  1. The jack has borh headphones and a microphone on it yet it doesnt recognize it as a possible microphone in control panel...
  2. Hi Forum members!, I have a PC running a video wall, and currently I have four displays that are all running independent off one graphics card in extended mode, where each one is basically its own PC display with its own windows home screen( you get the gist)..l But I would like to find a way to get the four separate monitors running off the graphics card to make up one giant screen, instead of four independent displays.. No I do not want to use a splitter to achieve this, what settings do I need to change to make these four separate monitors become one giant display??? I would appreciate the help and info thanks!
  3. Best suited as a status update, Screw you! No one follows me no one will see it!

  4. Tape drivers installed, but the system still does not boot!
  5. I tried turning on RTX, for some reason it could not take it!
  6. Wired gigabit Network Interface Cards (NICs) are a good idea, Wireless connections are for pessants who enjoy buffering. If you want WiFi on your build as well just get a USB adapter! Make sure it’s dual channel at least..
  7. Can We Get To 100 Subs!!!


  8. Try another DNS server, find one in your region with a low ping and use it.. Sometimes devices like it if you have a backup DNS server try having one that has a backup server as well like, (Just examples). You may find you have faster internet speed if you try this.
  9. Have you heard of this cool thing called a “Firewall”, schools have group policies and unless you have direct permission from IT administrator, tampering with blocked services can get you in trouble...
  10. Well first there are different qualities of CAT5e cable, some are definitely cheaper and slower mediums then higher quality cable. Sheilding could be another issue, maybe the wires are having cross talk issues... Also are you making your own cables? The ends might now be as high of quality as needed to support high speeds...
  11. Used to have 3Mbps speed, I would leave a download running when I would go to bed and watch it finish in the morning lol..
  12. Jesus, we pay 80$ for 100 Mbps Up and Down
  13. Here’s the Specs Asus R.O.G ∞ AMD Ryzen ∞ ∞ Gigs DDR ∞ Nvidia GTX∞ Corsair ∞ Power Supply (Self Powering) ∞ Petabyte Hard Drive ∞ Samsung Evo Pro Actually runs on caffeine