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    FX 8350 @ 5.1Ghz
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    Gigabyte A-870A-USB3L
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    10GB (8+2GB) Generic 1866Mhz
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    Zotac GTX 1050ti OC
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    Logitech G15 1st gen
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    Logitech Z213
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    Win 10 Pro 64

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  1. For anyone tight on funds who can't afford the power, I suggest opening a Nicehash Account and doing a 50/50 split between F@H and Nicehash. Nicehash will earn you the $$ needed to pay for the extra power, F@H will consume said power. Linus has a guide, but feel free to DM me if anyone needs to get started and needs a mentor.
  2. Absolutely terrible idea but I'm sure Linus will love it. Salt water liquid cooling loop +1 if you bring the finished loop sea-side and use the ocean as a massive reservoir at the end of the video. -1 , take the step back to fresh water and just use a local lake as a reservoir
  3. Dry ice is solid making it hard to use for cooling and it's actually "warmer" than LN2. LN2 sitting stable in a container is about -195c / -320f Dry ice is only -78c / -109f I've theorized that someone should make an arduino trickle system for LN2 that slowly releases a container down into the CPU block instead of pouring it manually, have it hooked up to a temp probe that automatically restricts/adds more based on current CPU temps.
  4. Dumb question, totally unrelated, but I notice you're trying to get rid of microphone buzz. Are you plugged in to the front panel headphone/mic jacks on your PC?? Those are often poorly shielded by the USB cable next to it and that's what causes the buzzing. 99% of the time it's solved by moving your headphones+mic to the onboard ports on the back of your motherboard. Hope it helps!
  5. Liquid nitrogen is about as cold as you can get because modern hardware glitches out of it gets too cold, LN2 is borderline too cold, you can't just fill the pot with it, you need to trickle it in gradually and keep an eye on temps. As for long-term you need to stay above freezing or figure out a way to get rid of moisture. I have an Aircon pointed at my Mining rack and a dehumidifier in the room at 30% ambient. Works great for keeping the rack cool lol
  6. Soldering MicroUSB ports is a damn pain, especially trying to source the correct replacement. I've found success in just soldering in a new USB cable directly to the board on devices like that. A replacement port will just break eventually, if you solder a cable on you can cover it in hot glue and it'll last forever.
  7. Sounds like you need a BFGD https://www.nvidia.com/en-sg/geforce/products/big-format-gaming-displays/
  8. DNS just ends up a meme among networking, 9/10 times the issue is a DNS config got reset somewhere
  9. No not really, I just message Logitech on Facebook Messenger every time one of their products have an issue and they fill the RMA there for me, there is no "talk to the company" or calling a 1-800 number anymore, the representative you'll get on Facebook or their livechat is the same as anyone else in the rest of the world.
  10. Is it DNS?? I bet it's DNS. Set DNS to or Could ping both to see which is better lol
  11. Warranty =/= customer service experience , but ymmv
  12. How about software in the background?? Have anything for RGB like iCUE running?? iCue is notorious for high CPU usage which will cause stutter. Check with Windows Update to make sure there's nothing pending either.
  13. Simple, because your desktop has a dedicated graphics card. As basic as a HD 7350 is, it'll still outpreform the integrated graphics on your newer laptop. Also, someone stole 4GB of ram from your laptop, Inspiron 15 3501 comes with 8GB on all models iirc, you should seriously consider upgrading to 8GB. Tbh, look into GeforceNow. Try out the free tier for 1hr at a time to see how it performs on your internet. It's cloud gamestreaming, imagine live sports and Netflix had an esports baby lol. It hosts the game in the cloud and streams it to your PC. I only have
  14. Is the game stored on HDD?? Could just be stutter from textures loading in.
  15. Yeah 17fps 0.1% does seem really low This reviewer was getting a 36fps 0.1% low so you seem to be experiencing some stuttering Right click your desktop and open Nvidia control panel, go to manage 3D settings and make sure these settings are as follows Both can cause stuttering if set to the stock defaults