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  1. DarkAcid1212

    Private internet access deal

    Well people PIA has a deal going on right now 3 month free + 3.11/mo. when you commit two year. This is cheaper than LTT's two year 3.49/mo. so sign up if you are interested
  2. DarkAcid1212

    Rant about my router

    My R7000 sucks. Well wait, it was a beast when I got it, but somehow Netgear made it crap. In last two years, I was not able to get a single stable firmware that can do what routers supposed to do. The only stable(but with security problem) firmware version is .28. Most ppl opted for .42 but it does come with the security issue. Does anyone have router recommendation? (For coming black friday)
  3. DarkAcid1212

    Rant about my router

    Thanks using laptop cooler seems like a cool idea until the day finally comes!
  4. DarkAcid1212

    Rant about my router

    Thank you! I don't know why my response hasn't been posted but I am currently using DDWRT. This actually comes with its own problems too. Slow support aside, my wifi drop randomly if there is 7 or more devices are connected. It also requires to restart every so often in a matter of days. I haven't tried advanced tomato. I will check this out and thank you again for your recommendation on Synology RT2600AC.
  5. DarkAcid1212

    WiFi issue that is killing me for months even years.

    Okay, I think I know what your problem is. When you have a chance use wifi on full cap then touch your dongle. If it is hot that is the source of your problem. I been searching for dongle for months and wasted so much money to figure solution to these types of problem. The only solution is to use pcie wifi adapter instead of a dongle. (But only if you have a heat problem) If you keep having problem just use pcie wifi adapter instead of a dongle.
  6. DarkAcid1212

    Fully modular macro key

    Hi! I have a review request. A fully modular macro keyboard has appeared on my insta. Any chance you van review? https://palettegear.com/
  7. DarkAcid1212

    Matx MOBO recommend

    You guys are super awesome! Thank you. I have h110i for the cooler so I can save more on the buck too!
  8. I am so glad to find such a helpful place! My last post I got recommendation on CPU upgrade and mobo type. Now that I decided to make a purchase I am also looking for advice on mobo. I am specifically looking for matx with good(but basic) overclocking feature. Z370 is preferred.
  9. DarkAcid1212

    Matx MOBO recommend

    I7 8700k will be used for my build and I won`t need M2 or wifi
  10. DarkAcid1212

    CPU + mobo upgrade suggestions

    I am currently not bound by the price. I just want a reasonable price for reasonable performance.
  11. I currently have i5-6400 and H170M matx. I was waiting for this year's cpu because of the rumors on 10nm commercial cpu, but as it turned out this was still 14nm. I have a pretty decent set up with 1080 and 16gb ram, but cpu always throttles the whole system on Monster Hunter World. So the question remains, should I upgrade to i7-9700k +z390 matx or wait for next gen?