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  1. Yes vlc can. Portable monitor? Not outside of Wi-Fi. Wireless display using cheapcast app.
  2. Bruh sound effect #2. Just close your eyes and think about a TV and sleep. I say go with one of the older (2010-2013) Samsung led back-lit ones. Cheap. Decent quality. Mine get very dark and colours are good.
  3. Bruh sound effect#2 just turn up the brightness
  4. It's probably your ssds/hdds turning off after a while then needing time to turn back on. You can change when they turn off in power settings.
  5. Wipe the drive? I would use bitdefender malwarebites and hitman Pro. That has always worked for me when clearing up relatives virus infested computers because they don't want me to "cHaNgE AnYtHiNg" wiping the drive is the safest option.
  6. The Xperia xa1 does not support the ps4 controller. Here is a link to other people ranting about it. https://talk.sonymobile.com/t5/Xperia-XA1/Xperia-XA1-bluetooth-connection-with-PS4-controller/td-p/1276802#gref
  7. If its still on contract you will have to pay a phone repair shop or you can wait until the contract ends and the company will have to unlock it for free
  8. Is the phone on contract or did you buy it in full from Vodafone
  9. When I'm playing music and I go to unlock my phone it will vibrate to tell me the phone has just been unlocked but the screen turns on or goes off the lock screen about 2 seconds later. Anyone got anything on this. OnePlus3t Android 8.0.0 Oxygen OS 5.0.6 Patch level 1st September 2018 Not rooted
  10. Vertical is overall visible frame rate
  11. Don't think you could overclock but it should be enough. It will probably run a bit warm so I would say something bigger