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  1. Hello! So this morning I got a 3 short beep error code, so I tried reseating the ram as well as using other ram slots and then I started getting a one long beep error code. After restarting my pc once more I stopped getting error codes but my pc wouldn't post at all. All of the fans are also spinning normally
  2. Hello! I was just wondering, since I do have the option to buy a couple of used rtx 3060s at an actually decent price, and I wouldn't have to fear much about losing money since I can always resell the gpus. I just thought that it'd be a cool project to do, and maybe even turn out to be some kind of passive income, so I'm just asking on the internet if the potential headache is worth at all.
  3. I recently bought a Lenovo 50-45 for spare parts, but if its possible to still repair this laptop then I'm going to try it. When I plug the ac adapter into the laptop the small LED lights light up, and when I press the power button I can hear the CD drive spin for a second but after that nothing else happens, the screens stays completely black. The seller claimed that there's a high chance that the bios is corrupted, but couldn't I just reinstall the bios if that was really the case? I also tried connecting the laptop to an external monitor but I got "No signal".
  4. Hello! So I've had my rx 580 for around 3 years now and I really want to upgrade. I was looking at used rtx 2060 and they go for 400-500 euro on ebay.de and I'm not really sure if that's a good deal or not anymore, I haven't really been keeping up with gpu prices and such recently at all. So I wanna know if I should hold out for a couple more months or just go ahead and buy on buying the cheapest 2060 I can find. I plan on playing apex legends at 144fps (probably at 1080p, but still not 100% sure yet since people have been saying that 1080p is basically outdated now) as wel
  5. When I try installing win 7 32 bit this would pop up on the screen like this: File: NETIO.SYS Status: 0xc0000098 Info: Windows failed to load because a required file is missing or corrupt. I tried using different win 7 iso images I found online but I would just get the same problem. Neither the usb or the windows files are broken or corrupt, I tested this by installing win 7 on another 32 bit device and it all went smoothly. I've also tried installing win xp, and the installer would actually boot up but during the installation a lot of different files couldn't install properl
  6. Already tried both, the drive is 100% working, I even tried another drive just to be sure and I go the same result
  7. Hello! My acer aspire 5810TG isn't able to find any bootable devices. The HDD wouldn't show up in as a connected drive in bios or when I try and install windows it wouldn't show up at all. If I try connecting a drive using USB it shows up in bios. I've already disassembled the whole laptop and the board with the sata cable looks fine to me, I also tried cleaning the cable using rubbing alcohol and tried resetting CMOS but neither worked. What else should I try before I order and replace that part of the laptop?
  8. I want to install windows 7 on one of my older laptops since it can't actually run Windows 10. Also, do I also have to have the drivers for the laptop? I remember a while ago a friend wasn't able to install a fresh copy of windows at all on a new ssd so he had to copy over everything from the old hdd for it to work but I'm not sure if that was just because of the drivers.
  9. ok so today it's working like normal again?? Not sure why I didn't really do anything new or anything. Gpu usage is normal now, same with game fps and no more flickering
  10. my temps sit around 60-70 C basically the whole time
  11. Hello! I started experiencing some problems with my gpu (Rx 580) a few days ago. Whenever I have my game open on my screen my gpu usage would go to 100%, and when it reaches 100% the whole screen would flicker once which would cause a lagspike in game, than the gpu usage will go down for a few seconds and the same thing would just repeat. But if I simply minimize the game or tab out of it my gpu usage instantly drops. On games like roblox, minecraft, r6s, valorant... a flicker would happen every ~10-30 seconds, but on games like apex legends my screen would just be constant
  12. So I replaced my laptops SSD and it just gets stuck in a boot loop. It'll show the HP logo after turning it on and after a bit it would shut down and restart. I tried downloading windows on it with an USB by changing the boot options and load sequence but nothing would happen. I put in my old SSD in there now and it booted up normally.
  13. Alright, thanks than. I'll be getting those!