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  1. Alright, thanks than. I'll be getting those!
  2. Hello! I'm looking for a headset ~100 euro, I'll use it primarily for gaming but also for a bit of music listening. Still not sure if I want to go usb or stereo, since with stereo I'll have to also buy a dac because my onboard audio isn't the best and there is a bit of noise, but I've also heard that stereo headsets with Dolby Atmos provide the best surround sound.
  3. Hello! I was thinking of buying a new PC next month. I was going to buy a rtx 2070, a b450 Mobo and r5 3600, but I've heard that ryzen 4th gen, b550 boards and rtx 3000s are coming out this year so I'm not sure if I should just buy the parts next month or keep waiting till the release of new hardware so the prices drop. Also, will the new 3000s have better ray tracing performance than the current rtx cards? Because if they will I'll look into a 3000 instead of a 2070.
  4. I've had it for around 1 year now, the sensor is clean, polling rate is at 1000.
  5. Hello! I have the logitech g403 prodigy and when I move it fast it just just stops for a bit and than goes back to working properly, I play on a microfibre mousepad. I've always had this problem but it seems like it has become worse now. I play on 600 dpi, increasing the dpi would definitely throw off my aim so I'm asking here before I do that. I've tried reinstalling logitech g hub. Here's a video of me showcasing the problem (note: the movements of my hand were just fast and smooth across my whole 1m mousepad, but in the video you could see stopping):
  6. Hello! I'm looking for a mechanical keyboard for around 90 euro. I've only tried red and blue switches and I like the blues better, I have big and heavy hands, don't really care about rgb. Edit: forgot to say that I mostly play fps games competitively.
  7. Is the Modern Warfare still worth it? I was thinking of buying it when it came out but I never did and now, from what I've heard, the game is pretty much ruined becuase of the campers, tryhards, long wait time before you get into a game and the updates. I also live in the EU and I'm afraid that the game lobbies would just be filled with russian people for some reason. I've never played a COD game on pc ever so I will be pretty bad when I first play.
  8. Could I get an used Ryzen 7? If I get one I think I could squeeze the 5700 xt into my budget
  9. Hello! I was thinking of building a new pc for myself to play games that are coming out this year at high/highest settings on 1080p on games like doom eternal and cyberpunk 2077 I don't know which graphics card I should pick out though so this is what I've picked out to see what would be the best option for me (I'm open to more suggestions) : Gtx 1660ti at €245: https://geizhals.de/zotac-gaming-geforce-gtx-1660-ti-zt-t16610f-10l-a1994499.html?hloc=at&hloc=de&hloc=uk Rx 5700 xt at €380: https://geizhals.de/xfx-radeon-rx-5700-xt-thicc-ii-ultra-rx-57xt8dbd6-a2130310.html?hloc=at&
  10. Hello! So I recently bought an ssd and installed windows on it. I was thinking of using the ssd for only games and windows and the hdd for apps, videos and so on. But for some reason the hdd is acting like an external storage device like an usb. When I try to drag something onto the hdd it doesn't move the file to the hdd it copies it and when I try to run a file on the hdd it has to move the file onto my ssd and than I can run the file. What should I do?
  11. I thought the same thing, but after I set up the SSD it started showing
  12. Ok I fixed it and appearently I just had to create the unallocated device into a volume
  13. Hello! I recently bought a new SSD and it doesn't seem to be working. I tried using 3 different sata cables in 3 different ports on the Mobo more than enough times and nothing would even show up in the bios or on windows. I bought like a SSD to USB type thing and when I connected the SSD with it showed up as unrecognized device. Is there something I need to enable to get it working and what else should I try doing? EDIT: If I go to computer management I find disk 1 which is unallocated and has 500gb (same as my ssd)
  14. Hello! I will be getting a new ssd pretty soon for games and the os. So I was wondering how I would reinstall windows onto that ssd. Can I do it using the reset option or do I need to use a usb and media creation tool? And will my windows stay activated?