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  1. Changed power plan from AMD Ryzen plan to Ultimate perfomance. Did not close anything in the background and BOOM 2994 on R20
  2. I'm slightly confused how it can perform correctly in R23 but not R20, surely if the CPU wasn't performing correctly then it would show in the R23 result as well?
  3. Just downloaded Cinebench R23 and got a 7519 multi score, which after checking on the net looks about right. I closed all non essential programs and then ran a test on R20 and still got 1845 so no idea there. Ran again on R23 and got 7515
  4. I keep everything up to date. And only keep programs and files I use.
  5. This is my PC at work so I do have alot of stuff installed. This is what malware found
  6. I have a custom fan curve set but that's it.
  7. Ram in correct slots XMP enabled No overclock be Quiet dark rock 4 cooler Bios up to date Latest chipset drivers installed.
  8. I'm only getting 1845-1879 multicore score. Yet my friend is getting 2579 - 2608 with the same setup? System Spec: Ryzen 5 2600x stock MSI B450 Tomahawk Max Corsair Vengeance 16GB 3200MHZ RX570 Windows 10 Pro 2004 version
  9. This is why I hate inheriting a network that someone else has setup.
  10. Hi guys, I'm trying to run this command direct from the domain server but keep getting this error returned by the client PC. I have checked firewall settings, services etc and all are correct. Does anyone have an idea?
  11. I downloaded HFSExplorer and even that does not detect the drive.
  12. I assume it is as it's been used on a MacBook to save an iMovie file to it. How do I tell?