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  1. Already tried this Losing the will lol
  2. I can pad them out but it makes the spacebar very stiff. I have not found a way of stopping the rattle without compromising the spacebar function
  3. Hi all, I've got a G513 Linear keyboard. I love it apart from the annoying spacebar rattle. I've already tried the YouTube video, sponge and dielectric grease, still rattles like mad. If I can't fix it I'll be looking at the Keychron C2 wired. k Does anyone have any suggestions?
  4. Hi All, I am looking for a mechanical keyboard for my colleague. He has a budget of £45. I've noticed some on Amazon UK with the brown switches he wants. Has anyone had any experience of any mechanical keyboards from Amazon? TIA
  5. I have decided to order myself a switch test pad with a variety of switches for me to try.
  6. Thanks! Brown switches are out of stock
  7. I don’t want anything too light as I’m quite a heavy typer. I’ve been looking at the Gateron brown switches? But can’t find a full size keyboard in the uk with them. My other thought was going modular? That way I can change to whatever switch I fancy.
  8. I have just had a look on GMMK website and cannot see Yellow switches available, the full size keyboard is also out of stock I looked up the spec of the yellow switches and they seem quite light in actuation. Gateron Green switches seemed the best recommended for alot of typing but then found out they are the loudest
  9. Yes I would like a full-size with numpad. I don't have a preference for switches as long as they aren't loud. I did have a Q-pad MK80 keyboard years ago but I cannot remember the switches it had... and I loved it. If the Lenovo didn't have wobbly keys that feel loose then I would stick with it but it's quality isn't very good.
  10. Has anyone had one of these? Looking at getting one for in the office at work.
  11. Ideally no higher than £100
  12. I like the spacing between the keys and the layout. I find I make very little errors when using this keyboard and my typing speed is consistent. The keys are nice and grippy your fingers don't slid off them when typing fast. It doesn't have to be a dome keyboard it can be mechanical but can't be obnoxiously loud.
  13. Hi everyone I am currently using a Lenovo Preferred Pro keyboard at work, I absolutely love this keyboard but its quality is left to be desired. Could someone recommend a similar keyboard? Something that isn't obnoxiously loud and can handle a lot of typing. TIA
  14. Changed power plan from AMD Ryzen plan to Ultimate perfomance. Did not close anything in the background and BOOM 2994 on R20