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  1. But what are you expecting the VM benefit provides? To me it appears this can only Hinder plex's performance by only allowing it to access X cores at a time while more may be available overall.
  2. I have been a fan of Docker for a while now and run my current home server using Docker compose. At the moment I run Plex, qBittorent, an IRC client, Calibre-Web, and a few miscellaneous services. I have a new "server" arriving soon and being I have already build a home server with Docker (I make videos as well), I thought I might explore other options for home servers. That is when I landed on Proxmox, a free and open alternative to ESXI The new server will likely run with RAID1-Z but other than that there are no major requirements, I mention this because it may add extra challenges to Pro
  3. Not quite though I do that now. I was really hoping to leave the sound on while turning off the visuals or lowering the backlight a lot. That way I can listen to the TV without being woken up by the lights. I know its an odd and difficult ask.
  4. For the last year I have been without a TV in my room in my new apartment. Partially because there is honestly nowhere to put it. The other issue, the flashing of dark to bright scenes keeps me awake. I always lower the TV brightness and backlight as low as it can go in the bedroom. For some TVs that works enough. Not so much for others. For a while I used my PC (no longer in my room) which worked great as when I wanted to sleep I turned off the monitor, allowing the sound to continue. Though of course I did have to get up to turn off the monitor. So, is anyone aware of a TV that maybe allo
  5. Owner of a pixel 3 here, it really is an INCREDIBLE camera. It would help to know what brands are more accessible to you. I assume iPhone is likely available and may be your easiest shot at a good camera. It's also likely you can buy a Samsung phone. If you can get a recent edition the camera will be solid.
  6. Direct Link To Video BenQ ScreenBar Plus Product Link: https://www.benq.com/en-us/lighting/screenbar-lamp/screenbar-plus.html Price: ~$130-$150 Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by BenQ in exchange for my honest opinion in the form of the review above. Key Features: Screen mounted LED bar lamp Brightness dimmable | 2700K : 300lm ; 6500K : 320lm Color temperature adjustable | 2700~6500K ‎ High-quality control dial with an ambient light sensor. Pros: Increased desk real estate by removing lamp bas
  7. I am moving into a new apartment next week and I want a motorized standing desk help me decide between ALL of these insane choices. Here's the requirements. Max budget: $1500 Looking for maximum work area, either the longest table possible or a large L-shaped desk (and I have a feeling L shaped desks will be more sturdy at height) Stability. Spending this much money, I do not want to hate it and have it wobble at height. Weight capacity. It's going to be a large desk with a full sided tower and two monitors on it, mic arm.. equipment. Should hold as much weight as po
  8. What would you run NextCloud on? I am considering using unRaid's RAID solution and running the NextCloud Docker container. Or potentially setting up ZFS system with Docker as well.
  9. I am planning on getting an expansion card for the Lenovo box (not a raid card). I could throw in I think up to 32 GB of RAM if I had to. Then I could run FreeNAS or something. Though that kind seems redundant as I plan to run NextCloud. I'm not familiar with the different ZFS options. Im sure manual raid setups are possible but I'd rather avoid it for now. I'm considering UnRAID just for the RAID function though.
  10. I already have these two boxes so I am looking to use them. The Lenovo only has an i3, so I figured that's fine for a dedicated NAS. The smaller box has an i7 though, capable of running pretty much all of my apps. But it doesn't have the size for all the drives. That said, I would love to switch to a Rack server but they are too big and loud for my apartment. These two PCs ill be able to hide inside of the TV entertainment center. There IS a closet I could get a rack into maybe but unfortunately no power
  11. Hello everyone! I could use your help. I have some hardware and some dreams. Help me figure out the best way to do this. I have two older units, one I bought off New Egg some time ago, one I bought of ebay, again some time ago. Here is what I need: STORAGE SERVER Lenovo ThinkServer TS140 Tower Server System Intel Core i3-4130 3.4 GHz 4GB 70A4000HUX Link: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16859106529 This is the unit I plan to add hard drive caddies to and a whole bunch of 10TB drives. What is in question is how exact
  12. That is a hell of a deal. The bezels look decent as well. I would be willing to pay a little more for less bezel.
  13. Right now I have 2 Samsung - UE590 Series 28" LED 4K UHD Monitors. They were on sale for Black Friday, and will maybe be repurposed into TVs. They don't have a standard vesa mount and their large size while much appreciated, cannot easily be mounted together as I haven't been able to find many dual 28in stands. But even if I could these monitors, have 75mm vesa mounts at the very top of the monitors.. weird. And I am used to it now, but I remember how disappointed I felt when I left my 1080p IPS monitor for these, how the TN panel just didn't look right, but I am pretty used to it now, but I d
  14. Im reading that the 9th gen "ice-lake" series could come out later this year or early next year with a hardware fix on a 10nm architecture.