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  1. sad times, atleast you got the problem solved.
  2. Ok look, the MB has post error LEDs so those should light up. + X570 Gaming X has the Q+-flash function, which means you can update the bios without a CPU, RAM and GPU. I mean if you ignore everything here sure you can say it's stupid. But y ou should first read the whole thing and read the manua. Yes it does. Read up. Now if nothing really happens and you have everything power in your PSU (switch to I) etc. Test the Q+-flash function, read the instruction from your manual, the Q+-flash should have a blinking light. If nothing happens then it might be dead. You can ofc wait and see if it magically needs a CPU and RAM to work. TLDR: MB should get power without CPU RAM or GPU. Blink it's error leds or show error codes.
  3. Do you also have the additional CPU 8-pin connected?
  4. So you have your PSU 24-pin connected + power button (or you shorted the pins) ? And nothing happens? No LED's? And what motherboard do you have?
  5. From experience with my 3900X -> Your 3950X is just boosting, background applications are loading etc. like Steam. Your 3950X will load something and briefly use it's boost voltages -> 1.498V This is what makes it jump in temp. Nothing out of normal.
  6. On their site the specs say that all Eve Spectrum monitor's will use LG's 27" IPS panels, so doubt it's samsung's monitor.
  7. Mholes


    Yes, that is true BUT the max safe 24/7 voltage for Zen 2 is 1.325V. (WITH NORMAL COOLING) Voltage + Temp + Zen 2 = Not feeling so good.
  8. Original RTX 20XX AKA Turing was released: September 20, 2018 , "Super" lineup came in July 2019.
  9. Relevant, i guess. https://www.mysmartprice.com/gear/samsung-galaxy-s20-ultra/
  10. Yes. If the PSU works fine then the problem is your motherboard.
  11. ALSO, check if you accidentally put PCI-E 8-pin connectors instead of CPU 8-pin. They are different.
  12. Remove one. OR both. If you can boot and your voltages are in control, then we know where the problem lies.
  13. Like @Levent said and what PSU do you have? Those voltages are all over the place...
  14. From personal use and from Battle(non)sense video -> No difference.
  15. I think he means the new new max framerate option that came with the latest Nvidia driver. 3 days ago. On reddit there are few people who say it is worse, some say it's better or can't see the difference. Best option is to wait for some real tests tho.
  16. I'd choose the MSI one, since it's cheaper. BUT it is a VA-panel, it has better color accuracy etc. but loses in response time since the Viewsonic has an TN-panel. Also i prefer VA over TN but everyone has their own style.
  17. What @DoctorNick said. Also if you haven't updated your drivers, now is a good time to do that.
  18. Not really If you have a 8th gen cpu on hand you could test that too. Or bring it to a store that offers BIOS updates i guess? EDIT: And at the same time you could get a confirmation that the MB is fine.
  19. Okay. Can you update your bios somehow? Fast google search -> Worth a try?
  20. Does it post if you take your gpu out? Have you tried that? Or atleast put the PCI-E 8-pin in? (just looking at the photos, the extra power for gpu is not connected, should it matter? No idea.) EDIT: And yes i know you wont get anything to your display but atleast to see if it posts at all.
  21. Now this is getting hard. PSU cables? Your 8-pin to your mb is 100% CPU 8-pin? Not PCI-E 8-pin? And if your PSU has any marking for CPU and PCI-E they are in correct ports?
  22. I guess you already tested all ram slots too? I can't see from the pictures but you have motherboard standoffs installed, right?
  23. If you want the faster card you take 1660 Super.
  24. For Zen+ just go 1.38V and test how far you can get (4.15GHz etc.). And no it will not be noticeable difference. Few fps here and there.