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  1. Is there some way I could update the bios without the damn thing posting? I have no clue how to do that if it's not even posting.
  2. I've tried it with the GPU out. With mostly every part out and then put back in singularly.
  3. Another thing is when I flip the psu switch to on the mobo will blink for a second and then go off before I turn the pc on.
  4. I have been trying to make this build for the past 2 weeks and nothing is working. I keep getting the same issue where when I boot it up the DRAM led on the mobo will stay on. It will also blink for a split second to the cpu led then go right back to the DRAM led. It will try to post for about a minute with no display coming on and then shut itself down and restart. The motherboard itself will refuse to light up as well (as shown by the images). At first I thought I had a faulty mobo which I then replaced. Then I thought it was the CPU so then I replaced that. I also replaces the ram and that