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  1. Hi, Can anyone help me with figuring out how to reset cleartype fonts to look like how they look like out of the box. I recently did "adjust cleartype font" wizard and it end up making it look worse and now no matter what i select it doesnt look normal. Is there any way to reset or delete the custom profile whatever got generated?
  2. Guys, i got samsung 970 evo NVMe SSD and it seems to be performing worse than my 860 EVO SSD. I have Aorus master heatsink on it and the m2 is installed on the top most slot(not sure if either of other two slots will be better option). any idea why my m2 is not performing as expected? I know temperature looks a bit high but not sure if that is what the issue is here. Also 970 evo nvm is also my OS Disk, Screenshots M2 temperature : https://imgur.com/a/FEKDaez SCan results : https://imgur.com/a/wxKHqkA 860 evo scan results : https://imgu
  3. Guys i am trying to repurpose my old OS disk but i cant seem to be able to get rid of this partition in middle "health(recovery). when i right click all i see is greyed out "help" any idea how to delete this partition. https://imgur.com/dvxyzYw you might have to zoom in to screenshot
  4. yes, issue found. my pump or the hoses were defective.
  5. when you say mounting are you looking for the pictures of backing plate?
  6. hi guys,after recently upgrading my motherboard and cpu and installed h100igtx on my new system and saw my temperatures climb up to 100C at startup or at anyload. i checked the pump temperature and its reports at about 50-53~ and goes down slowly once load is off the cpu. however i dont feel any warm air through the radiators. when i touch the pipe(hose) one of them do feel warm enough and other one is cold. the pump shows 2600-3000 RPM from Corsair link but pump is not hot to touchi have tried re seating the cooler onto cpu applied thermal paste 3 times. Tried to press on pump firmly to see i
  7. tried clearing the CMOS, updated the BIOS too. PSU is rmx850 Corsair Could it be because i have 2x 8 pin connectors connected to motherboard for CPU? overpowering it..?
  8. Guys i am having serious difficulties with my new setup.my i9 9900k climbs to 100C within minutes because my motherboard is setting the vcore to ~1.7!!i tried to manually adjust vcore to 1.2, 1.3 but it doesnt matter. the vcore climbs back to 1.7 when the OS boots. Am i missing something else? please help me guide in right direction as i cant even use my new build without possibly frying it.https://imgur.com/a/HhVQIMS P.S FANPWM is zero becuse fans are connected to commander pro rgbMy BIOS setting https://imgur.com/a/bJigfVi