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  1. Fate

    Twitch.tv Privacy Error ?

    Just got the same thing. Twitch posted this on twitter: Should be fine to visit, but who knows?
  2. Fate

    Cheap gpu for maxing out games at 720p...

    The 660 is better, and yea it should be fine for most games at 720p; it's an incredibly easy resolution to run.
  3. Except the 6300 is LITERALLY the only problem for OP, and he didn't say anything about any other game.
  4. Why not look up the answer before blindly throwing out a "most likely" no? Should be able to get around 40-50fps with your setup high 1080p. http://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/asus-geforce-gtx-950-strix-review,12.html
  5. The i7 will be better for gaming because gaming tends to favor fewer, stronger cores.
  6. Kinda scummy for small businesses since it could waste a lot of their time and potentially money, but for bigger stores like Walmart, who cares?
  7. Fate

    Amazon - 8TB Seagate Backup plus - 179.99 USD

    That's how much it is converted to CAD. It says $179.99 for me, since I live in the US.
  8. Fate

    970M Pro3 OC? on fx8350?

    If you want micro ATX and a fury x2, you need to go Intel, period. AMD just doesn't have a viable lineup for it on the CPU & motherboard side.
  9. Fate

    780 Sli or r9 390 for 4k Help

    Yes, it's worth it. 390's perform much better than 780's at 4k (~20-25% per card), and you will never be bottlenecked by the vram.
  10. Fate

    What's harder to run

    Fps scales fairly linearly with pixel count, so if you got for example 30 fps on a 4k monitor, you'd, in most games, get roughly 60-70 fps on a 1440p monitor. With that being said, they're probably very similar in terms of difficulty to run at their full potential. Most people on the forum are going to recommend 1440p 144Hz over 4k 60Hz, because for the majority of people/games, smoothness > image quality.
  11. Fate

    Segway / Hoverboard banned in NSW Australia

    I doubt it will be enforced; the UK and NYC police don't seem to care at all.
  12. Fate

    600W big enough?

    EVGA 750/850 G2
  13. Fate

    ISIS planning on being destroyed!

    im offended
  14. Fate

    i5 6600K vs Xeon E3 1231 v3

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sxzGshuqVtFe_2zgRhN3gXCraR7d8p-NazJ6z0nsGGc/edit#gid=0 Based on the forum's R15 scores, a 4.7GHz 3770k is around 15% better than a Xeon E3 1231 v3. I'd imagine at 4.2GHz yours is close to the same performance as the Xeon.
  15. Fate

    GTX 480>TITAN!?!?!?!?

    If you play very CPU demanding games and you have a much better CPU than them, I wouldn't be surprised. The Titan is a much better card than the 480 though.
  16. Fate

    i5 6600K vs Xeon E3 1231 v3

    Yup, because the Xeon is Haswell based (it's basically a 4770). However, a heavily overclocked 3770k will destroy it. The Xeon will be better in video editing when both at stock. If you overclock the 6600k quite a bit, it will be similar in performance in things like rendering, and better in the majority of games. However, you'll need a more expensive motherboard, RAM, and a cooler, so it's better to go with the Xeon.
  17. Fate

    Bottlenecking questions.

    There will be no bottlenecking.
  18. Fate

    Does putting a 980 on 8x lower performance

    I don't think so. If you plan to go SLI 980s, I would just get a SATA SSD. Your motherboard/CPU supports either 16x, 8x/8x, or 8x/4x/4x. SLI requires at least 8x/8x.
  19. Fate

    [US-Newegg] EVGA B2 750W 80+ Bronze - $49.99 after rebate

    B1/G1 aren't great compared to B2/G2. The B2 is a higher tier than the G1 in every tier list I've seen.
  20. Fate

    [US-Newegg] EVGA B2 750W 80+ Bronze - $49.99 after rebate

    MFW I got the worse B1 version for the same price a few months ago
  21. Fate

    why does this happen

    Look up REM cycles, I believe that's why if you sleep for 8 hours and 30 minutes you may wake up and feel great, but if you sleep for 9 hours you wake up and feel horrible (these are not actual numbers, they vary for everyone).
  22. Fate

    Does putting a 980 on 8x lower performance

    No it won't lower performance a significant amount, if any. https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/NVIDIA/GTX_980_PCI-Express_Scaling/21.html
  23. Fate

    fed up with amd

    You sure? That site doesn't seem to be very reliable. More on this thread: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/482664-is-it-time-to-stop-discouraging-use-of-the-fx-8350/page-3
  24. Fate

    144hz tn or 60hz ips?

    Could say the same about 144Hz and FPS gaming.
  25. Fate

    LTT Continent

    RIP Australians