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  1. Hey guys, I've dug, dug and dug but alas. I have not prevailed in finding standalone streaming PC benchmarks... I've been working on this dual system build of mine. My motherboards came in the mail today. Both LGA 1151. I was debating about using an i3-8350k and 16GB of RAM for the streaming Mini ITX at the top. For gaming being RTX 2070 and i5-8600k 16GB of RAM. Does anyone have a source to some stand alone streaming PC benchmarks or can advise weather or not an i3-8350k can uphold 1080p 60 FPS? Internet speed is not a issue: https://www.speedtest.net/my-result/d/75520fe5-ed6f-4f24-af
  2. I forgot how toxic this place has gotten and how stupidly opinionated everyone is now. Peace

  3. This is something I'm doing for fun. Why can't someone just do something without someone saying "OH THATS WRONG AND YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD." For fucks sake. I just don't want to go out and buy two LGA1151 boards then next month Intel drops out Cannon. I've tried to research what I can but it's not very clear. So I was hoping someone had some insight on this subject. Obviously I'm the one wasting my time because everyone wants to blow things out of proportion on something that I'm not even asking for... This is a PROJECT for a reason...
  4. NAS : Network-attached Storage Yes it's not going to be something that is on 24/7 but it's going to be something that I watch movies from on my TV when I want or share data between friends that come over with their laptops and as well as just drop all my random shit when I don't want it on my Raid 0'd M.2's. I'm not going for business use of anything. It's probably going to be only 4-6TB of storage. However, regardless of what I plan on building, why does that have anything to do with my question. I'm asking about motherboards. My build isn't set in stone and I'm still working on tho
  5. Just dismiss yourself from this thread. You're assuming a lot and frankly pissing me off. I have every intention of doing this build. I already have the case sitting in my damn living room opened up and ready for parts. Good lord. The question. "Are we getting 10nm any time soon? Or even 7nm? Cannon lake? Wtf is going on. Feels like such a weird time for CPU's and Mobos" Your reply. "If you're waiting for Intel to go to 10nm you're waiting a while. If you are seriously asking about 7nm then you're waiting a very long while." My repy. "We talking like mid next year a whi
  6. It wouldn't be all at once, I don't believe I would need more than 8 cores.
  7. Ok... I'm not asking for build advise. You asked what my project was. My question and my thread is asking about how soon are we getting 10nm chips or the next arc of CPU's from Intel. Not my fault you twisted the thread. You're wasting my time and your own time. Don't flame on me. I'm not really here to debate AMD or Intel. My question was pretty dry cut.
  8. Dual system, one for gaming, one for hosting my nas, hosting servers for small stuff like terraria or csgo. Maybe even stream off it sometimes
  9. Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL DS. One Micro Mobo and one Mini Mobo Micro 16GB RAM and Mini 32GB RAM Micro RTX 2070 or RTX 2080 and Mini GTX 1050 Ti (that I already have) Just something I'm tinkering with. Haven't decided on CPU's yet
  10. We talking like mid next year a while for 10nm?
  11. I'm about to buy some motherboards for my top of the line project I'm working on. Is there any reason I should wait on buying LGA 1151? Are we getting 10nm any time soon? Or even 7nm? Cannon lake? Wtf is going on. Feels like such a weird time for CPU's and Mobos
  12. I definitely see where you're coming from on this. Though nothing I play really demands such horsepower. Though... I am going to be upgrading to a 144hz 1440p monitor sooner than later. However, I have a strong crave to get this dual system going. I just love the idea and I am willing to spend a bit extra money on doing so. Who knows. With the current hardware I might turn into an HTPC especially since the 1050Ti is a Low Profile card.
  13. Hey guys, So I've been working on my dual system build for a while now, and I'm deciding to take my current build and just throw it into a cheap small case I have and start brand new with my dual system build. Here are the parts I was thinking of buying. The Mini ITX system is going to be used for streaming/server hosting and the Micro ATX system is going to be used for gaming. I don't really have a budget, but I don't want to over spend on parts that don't give me the performance I'm looking for. I'm trying to get a good balance of style, performance and price. I really like the looks of a
  14. I've returned again! Lol

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      I know right! It's been 2 years!

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