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  • Birthday 1999-06-18

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    Portrait Photography
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    I take portrait pictures and of stuff that interest me on the streets of Singapore.
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    Intel i5 3470@3.2GHz
  • Motherboard
    Acer H61H2-AD
  • RAM
    Hynix 8GB DDR3 @1600MHz
  • GPU
    Sapphire HD 7750 1GB GDDR5 Low Profile (dead again)
  • Case
    Acer XC600 Case
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    Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD @7200RPM
  • PSU
    Delta Electronics 220W (Delta DPS-220UB-A)
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    Samsung 20" S20C300BL
  • Cooling
    CoolerMaster X Dream i117 CPU Cooler(Something very similar to this)
  • Keyboard
    CM Storm QuickFire Tk
  • Mouse
    Logitech G300
  • Sound
    Marshall Major 2
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. captainlolz7

    Razer Phone or Google Pixel 2 XL

    How important is a phone camera to you? Because I after watching MKBHD's review on it, he said that was the major dealbreaker of the Razor phone, so it is something think about.
  2. Well, this is annoying, I can't open any photos on my laptop, whether be it downloaded, or from an SD card, it simply isn't opening up any of the files, it keeps giving me the "Windows cannot find 'C\Users\..etc' Make Sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again." error, I really need this fixed, any ideas?
  3. captainlolz7

    1 min survey for my exams

    Done. Good luck for your 'O' Levels mate, I finished mine last year, am a D&T student as well, was able to get a B4, a general tip is make sure your ideation is good, it will really help your grade more than anything
  4. captainlolz7

    Death to Youtube!

    I use this and it seems to work fine.
  5. captainlolz7

    Im in tension of which camera to buy..

    If you are so stuck on canon for whatever reason, then get the Canon EOS M5, it's actually a pretty good camera, bigger sensor size than micro four thirds; APS-C, interchangeable lenses, plus if you want to use Canon EF lenses, all you need to do is buy an adaptor directly from Canon themselves, only downside to this camera is that the screen flips down, meaning if you attach anything to the tripod mount, the screen is useless.. biggest flaw of the camera imo.
  6. captainlolz7

    Galaxy S7 camera

    Yes, it is totally possible, a user named JerryRigEverything did a video using the S7 Edge(Same exact camera) to record the video, you can have a look at the quality below
  7. captainlolz7

    Free Photo Editing Software?

    I use Pixlr Editor, its web browser based, but works very well, really enjoy using it, if you need an offline/downloadable option they offer Pixlr Express as well, though it is not as feature rich as the online editor version.
  8. captainlolz7

    Rode VideoMic vs Audio Technica ATR-6550

    Alright, ended up going for the Rode instead, good mic, performs as expected, thanks for the help!
  9. Hi all, I need some advise on which of these two microphones would be better? Will be doing a project and need something good. The microphone will be hooked up directly to the GH1(via adaptor), and yes I know, people have suggested to get a pre-amp for better audio, but I think in general it should be fine for what we are doing and pre-amps cost way too much here, even used ones. Any user experiences/inputs also will be greatly appreciated! Sorry if I take a while to reply, it's Christmas after all. Thanks for the replies & Merry Christmas!
  10. captainlolz7

    Analog photography

    I shoot film as well, currently using a Pentax K1000 since my Canon FT decided to bite the dust an example of the shot I used, used Fujicolor C200 OldVsNew by bluehatphotographers, on Flickr
  11. captainlolz7

    Lost my 94% AC4 save

    Don't worry about it, it happens, apparently a lot according to online searches, at least my Watch Dogs game save is still there
  12. captainlolz7

    Lost my 94% AC4 save

    Well, guess will be uninstalling the game then, Thanks for the help anyway
  13. captainlolz7

    Lost my 94% AC4 save

    Hi all, I recently opened up AC4, something I haven't played in ages, and noticed my 94% save was missing, which is extremely annoying, I tried some methods online as in going into the uplay save files and seeing if I can retrieve it, but sadly it is completely gone, does anyone know where I could download an online save that is close to my progress and how to do it? I do know people do that, since I did it for my Just Cause 2 game, but for AC4, trying to put in the save doesn't seem to be that easy.. Thanks for the help!