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  1. It should shut down.. But that's my only guess, since it happens after a while of gaming..
  2. Sounds like overheating to me.. Did you check the temperatures?
  3. Yesterday night I did an windows update, the latest ones (update 20H2) and everything was fine, or thats what I thought.. Now every time that I stream something using discord the other person can't hear any audio at all, the video works fine but sounds are missing.. I already tried to clear the discord cache, to reinstall it, everything is updated (video drivers, audio drivers) and I also double checked both discord and system audio options, everything looks same as before.. Any clue?
  4. Did your pc updated to the latest 20H2 version? if yes, that could be your problem
  5. Few hours ago I noticed there was a new update with the 20h0 version so I choosed to install it, but now the pc won't boot at all, it's stuck on the windows 10 loading screen.. I even tried to boot it from the usb to do a clean install but even that won't start, I just get a blue screen with no text whatsoever.. what I can do?
  6. I bought an kingston A2000 as my main drive, but when I had to instal it I found out that it fits only in the lower slot (Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite) because the top one is for longer ssd's and it has only one standoff.. My question is, can the standoff be removed or there is something I can do which will allow me to use top slot? The lower one is pcie x2 only and the ssd is pcie x4
  7. Here in italy, the kingston a2000 is the cheapest ssd of that type, which can be found for like 43$ while the one that you suggested is about 91$ (both with 256gb).. Availability blows here in italy, so we have to get what we can.. So I'll get the kingston a2000, I always can return it if it doesnt work.. Thanks for the help guys!
  8. Im planing to get an kingston a2000 as my main drive, but reading in some forums I noticed that it could have compatibility issues with the gigabyte B450 aorus elite.. Has anyone used this combo before? it will work?
  9. There's a problem.. I just did this and it says no problems found.. And thats weird
  10. But is this safe? I mean I wont lose any data from it?
  11. Few days ago when I turned on the pc it was crazy slow, at first I had no idea of what it could be but after checking the hard disk health (with dark disk sentinel pro) it was showing 1 weak sector. After digging a little more and doing the surface test on that drive it said there are 2 unstable sectors. My question is, how I can fix that? There is a way or I need to wipe it entirely and do a fresh windows instal? Since its my only drive at the moment
  12. I bought the phone like a year ago and I never had any problem with it, but from few months now it has weird wifi issues and I cant understand if the update to android 10 caused it or not.. It randomly disconnects from wifi whenever I unlock it, sometime it happens randomly whilte using it..it gets back working after like 15/20 seconds but thats annoying, otherwise I have to disconnect and reconnect it manuallyit gets back working after like 15/20 seconds but thats annoying, otherwise I have to disconnect and reconect it manually, I tried reseting the wifi and network settings, I even tri
  13. Could be the powersupply failing or the hard disk, but since you cant even get into the bios I guess its the psu
  14. I finally found what the problem was, and I feel so dumb because I did not tried this earlier... Watching a video about overclocking I noticed same type of crash/freeze so I incrased the vCore and it works perfeclty fine now.. To be honest I thought that the motherboard would handle it by it self leaving it in "auto", even because its running at stock speed, It just needed 0.060 volt incrase and works fine..
  15. Looks like windows, I'll try that, thanks for the help